HBO Max to Create Animated Series Based on The Royal Family
The news about the HBO show comes weeks after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed they were stepping down as senior Royals.

HBO is set to create a satirical animated series based on the Royal family.

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The show has been titled The Prince and will be created by US producer and writer Gary Janetti. Janetti has also written for the sitcom Family Guy and Will & Grace.

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George is pleased.

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The HBO show will be shown through the eyes of 6-year-old Prince George. Gary Janetti will voice Prince George himself.

(Image source: Instagram/ Kensington Palace)

Orlando Bloom will voice Prince Harry, Condola Rashad as Meghan Markle, and Lucy Punch as Kate Middleton.

(Image source: Instagram/ Orlando Bloom)

Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon voices Prince William, Tom Hollander as both Prince Philip and Prince Charles, Alan Cumming as Prince George’s butler Owen. While Harry Potter star Frances De La Tour will voice Queen Elizabeth.

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The official synopsis for the show reads, “Before George rules Britannia, he’ll be laying down his own laws in Janetti’s comedic take on the future King of England’s childhood as seen from the prince’s own point of view.”

Queen Elizabeth
(Image source: Instagram/ Kensington Palace)

Adding: “Because his succession isn’t coming any time soon, in each episode George will find his path in life as a young prince in modern times – from the 775 rooms of Buckingham Palace to his family’s sea of corgis to primary school with commoners.”

Furthermore, HBO Max tweeted about the show as well. They wrote, “The Prince, which follows an animated Prince George spilling all that British Royal Tea.”

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(Image source: Instagram/ Kensington Palace)

Sarah Aubrey, Head of originals at HBO Max also said, “We’re so excited to bring the world Gary’s created on Instagram over to HBO Max, where our viewers can discover what his Instagram fans already know – that George can be hilarious, shocking and surprisingly sweet. We can’t wait to see what Gary does with a bigger canvas to paint on than just a 1:1 square.”

(Image source: Instagram/ Kensington Palace)

The show will air later this year on HBO Max.

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