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European airports to launch state-of-the-art nap pods with an exclusive Netflix feature this year

by Rahma Altaf

European airports are launching nap pods with high-tech features such as device chargers, a high speed Wi-Fi connection and, most importantly, free and unlimited access to Netflix. The pods will be installed later this year. 

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Airports are implementing Nap Pods with high-tech features in Europe later this year. (Image source: Facebook)

The nap pods, named ‘Air Pods’, will be available to rent by the hour and will be very helpful for the sleepy travelers in transit. The pods are a budget-friendly option for those who just need an hour or two of rest and don’t want to spend a fortune on an airport hotel room.


The option of watching Netflix is being added to the nap pods in the airports. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Just Fashion Now (UK)

They are designed to be private; a user can shut their pod and achieve complete silence and privacy while they sleep.  The pods will have a designated area for luggage storage. Air purifiers will also be installed. They will also give users the option to set an alarm for when it’s time to wake up, get a hold of their things and get to the gate.


As for the exterior, it almost looks like the front of a futuristic race car. An individual pod looks like a plush chair, and can be turned into a bed for the passenger.

The pods are quite private and personal, it almost looks like the front of a race car that people might see in the future. (Image source: AirPod Website)

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Two Slovenian businessmen, who are also frequent fliers. designed and created these pods. Their company website says, “Our aim is to improve and make [the] travel experience comfortable and enjoyable each and every hour, whilst transiting.”

The Nap Pods will be available to rent by the hour. (Image source: AirPod)

The pods are still in the beta testing mode and are will launch at European airports as a part of a commercial test before going worldwide later this year. They will indeed face a lot of competition from similar business projects such as the GoSleep nap pods in Helsinki Airport, the Jabbrrbox at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, and tiny SleepBox pods at the Moscow Airport.

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