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Apple iPhone 11 case leaked and shows off new camera design

Leaked iPhone 11 case confirms design changes

by Akbar Awais

Apple iPhone 11 case leaked and shows off new camera design. Leaked iPhone 11 case confirms design changes.

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(Image Source: Twitter/ Marques Brownlee)

With almost four months until Apple unveils the 2019 iPhone series, there have been a lot of leaks teasing specific design changes for this year’s iPhone generation. They do not suggest an entirely new iPhone design, but they do hint at some changes.

The new iPhone X is seen in the Apple Store Union Square. (Source: Getty Images).

iPhone 11 more like iPhone X

Apple has planned a major camera upgrade for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R, that will influence the phone’s rear design. However, the phone will have almost the same design as the iPhone XS and iPhone XR phones.


Just Fashion Now (UK)

(Image Source: Twitter/ Marques Brownlee)

The iPhone 11 is still several months away and as with every Apple flagship in recent memory, there have already been numerous rumors and leaks about the device. Many of which are admittedly impossible to confirm this far out from release.

Furthermore, there is one persistent rumor about Apple’s next iPhone that seems to be more solid than most with repeated leaks suggesting a triple lens. Two new sets of iPhone 11 case renders have landed online. They offer even more evidence that Apple will indeed go with the controversial rear camera design.

Customers and journalists are seen outside the Apple Store for Apple’s New iPhone X in California’s Palo Alto, United States. (Source: Getty Images).

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Just Fashion Now (UK)

Fan’s reactions

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are expected to feature three camera lenses. Apple has been rumored to use a triple camera setup for its 2019 iPhones and they will be placed in a box at the back of the phone.

An Apple phone after Apple launched the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. (Source: Getty Images)

Apple recently shut down iTunes at WWDC.

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