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iPhone X Review: It is As Wonderful As You'd Imagined
The iPhone X is a stunning smartphone that welcomes fabulous new design, majestic bezel-less display, mind-blowing cameras and many other sublime features.

The first iPhone reformed the decade of technology and altered the way we looked at the world.

Now ten years later, it is only perfect that Apple, finally, has launched a smart artifact that might decorate pathways for technology for the next epoch.

iPhone X, powered by A11 Bionic Chip and it is the highest leap into the future from Apple since the original iPhone.

iPhone X

An attendee looks at a new iPhone X during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre. (Source: Getty Images).

From the Outside


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The new iPhone is gorgeous to look at. It is all-display. The screen meets edge to edge, top to bottom and drives into each corner creating an excellent premium look.

It is manufactured by the same super-solid glass material as iPhone 8 which is just phenomenal to hold.


iPhone X

The new iPhone X displayed during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre. (Source: Getty Images).


The band crafted from A-class stainless steel is resilient as well as sophisticated with a fine-looking finish. Moreover the glass and the stainless steel splice together forming an uninterrupted apparent from front to back.

There has never been anything like it.

It is also mounted to be water as well as dust resistant at extremely molecular levels. The iPhone X comes in two stunning finishes: space gray and silver. Both polishes have an implausible depth.

iPhone X

The new iPhone X, in the Apple Store Union Square. (Source: Getty Images).

All Hail the Super Retina

Apple’s latest device reveres all-new display called the Super Retina Display. The screen encompasses 5.8 inches on the diagonal.

It has 458ppi having the resolution 2436 x 1125; that’s 2.7 million pixels. And it’s impressive how this sharp display can be crammed into a mobile that adjusts so quickly in our fingers.

The Super Retina Display customs OLED technology. It is the first OLED display worthy enough to be put on an iPhone as it overcomes all of the tradition OLED limitations and lives up to all your expectations.

Like iPhone 8, iPhone X also supports HDR, equips breathtaking a million to one contrast ratio and the best color precision.

iPhone X

An Apple employee demonstrates the app switcher on the new iPhone X. (Source: Getty Images).

An Entirely New Interface

All this groundbreaking Super Retina Display technology is exceptional. But what matters for Apple is to offer an exclusively fresh UI look and feel that is more effortless, more natural.

Starting with the basics, surely you can rise to wake akin to the older versions, but now you can also just hit your thumb on display and, it wakes up.

It is essential to point out that because of its unique edge to edge screen, the smartphone does not embrace a Home button, which has always been a significant figure in iPhone’s history until now.

So instead, a simple swipe up from the lowermost takes you to the home screen. That is more fluid.

Once you get fond of it, you know there has never been a better way. Besides it functions the same way across the entire iOS interface.

The gesture is also attuned for multitasking. That means swiping up and holding for a moment enables you to multitask where you can tap on the desired application and jump right to it.

As for the Control Center, Apple has made it very convenient for the users. One can swipe down from anywhere from the top right where the status signs are to get to the Control Center.

Besides all this, you can choose to talk to Siri by speaking to your phone as before, or you can use a larger and more visible side button.

iPhone X

A customer using the new face-recognition software on the Apple iPhone X, the new model of Apple smartphone at the Apple Store Saint-Germain. (Source: Getty Images).

The Revolutionary Face Unlock

Unlocking has been in roots of Apple from the very start. The original iPhone Apple led the way with ‘slide to unlock’. This feature averted the iPhone from turning on when you didn’t want to.

Afterwards, the tech house designed Touch ID with revealing iPhone 5s. The technology made it uncomplicated to safeguard all your data and unlock your phone with your thumbprint. Eventually, it became the standard in biometric safety.

The company knows that it can pull off that is even more reliable. So, Apple has established a face unlock system this time which is one of a kind.

The iPhone X recognizes you with well-designed Face ID. The technology which makes is distinctive and unique is called the TrueDepth Camera System.

According to Apple, it is one of the most cutting-edge technologies the house has ever assembled right into the device.

The small area at the top enfolds an infrared camera, a proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, a flood illuminator, a dot projector, front camera, the speaker, and microphone. The TrueDepth Camera System is quite remarkable.

The moment you look at your phone, it identifies your face with the flood illuminator. An IR image is stored. The dot projector outlines your face with more than 30000 IR dots creating a calculated impression of it.

The system is extraordinarily capable of recognizing you even if you change your hairstyle or choose to wear a hat or put on glasses. It just works perfectly in every situation, even in the dark because it masters your face and evolves as your face changes over time.

Apple has also guaranteed that Face ID can easily spot a difference between a photograph and a real face so that your face data remains impregnable.

Furthermore, Face ID also supports Apple Pay.

iPhone X

Creative Kelly McLaughlin shows off the iPhone X at the Apple store in the Toronto. (Source: Getty Images).

Entertaining ‘Animojis’

This True-Depth Camera System is a fantastic technology, and it empowers several new experiences. Face ID is one of them.

However, the manufacturing crew has made a strong-willed decision to forge a new experience with it as well.

Animoji, which is an enriched alternate to Emoji. Since Animojis trace more than 50 facial actions, they have been accurately designed for you to express more lively to your loved ones.

iPhone X

The camera of the Apple iPhone X is seen on the new model of Apple smartphone at the Apple Store Saint-Germain (Source: Getty Images).

Cameras that Take Breathtaking Photos

iPhone X sports dual lens 12-megapixel cameras which are similar to ones in iPhone 8. The good news on the camera in iPhone X is that it has Dual Optical Image Stabilization in both the wide angle and telephoto lens.

Optical Image Stabilization gives efficiency in the day as well as in low light producing beautiful color range, astonishing details, and outstanding textures. The camera system supports a zero shutter lag to freeze motions with little noise.

The latest phone is engaging for pictures. It is brilliant for 4K videos, and just like the iPhone 8, it is tweaked for Augmented Reality apps.

As far as selfies are concerned, now you can take Portrait Mode shots with the front camera as well. Its TrueDepth camera helps you take superb selfies. The camera maintains Portrait Lighting too.

iPhone X

Workers finish putting up a new iPhone X billboard above Union Square. (Source: Getty Images)

The Final Word

So this is the long awaited iPhone X, the future of smartphone, starting at $999 is finally up for sale. An elegant device that is squeezed with innovations.

From powerful A11 Bionic Chipset to the most intelligent camera system to an awe-inspiring new iOS User Interface, Apple is confident that its incredible new invention will break records.

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