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Google employees resign in the wake of ‘Project Maven’, which uses artificial intelligence for military surveillance

by Ali

After more than 4,000 Google employees signed a petition to protest against the controversial ‘Project Maven’, over a dozen have now resigned. The project uses artificial intelligence for military surveillance.

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This comes after an open letter addressed to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, stating that the project should be immediately canceled. It added that Google should ‘draft, publicize and enforce’ policies prohibiting the company and its contractors from participating in developing warfare technology.

Google employees

The technology will be used for surveillance. (Image source: Pixabay.com)

Although clarifications have been made by Diane Greene, member of Google Board of Directors, that the technology will not be used to operate drones or launch weapons, employees believe it can be used for these activities nevertheless.

Sundar Pichai

Letter is addressed to CEO Sundar Pichai demanding immediate cancellation of the contract. (Image source: Facebook/ Sundar Pichai)

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The employees believe the project will also damage Google’s brand, its ‘Don’t be evil’ motto, and its ability to compete for talent; Google will be joining the list of other firms which are notorious for providing such technology. They say the fact that Amazon and Microsoft are involved in the project cannot be used as an excuse for Google to take part as well.


Google’s involvement in warfare will damage its brand (Image source: Pexels.com)

The letter calls on Google’s stated values; “Every one of our users is trusting us. Never jeopardize that. Ever.” It adds that the company can not transfer its moral responsibility to a third party, and that the technology will have ‘potentially lethal consequences’.

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The letter has received attention on the social media, as many appreciate the ethical move by Google employees.

So far, the company has not taken any action in response to the resignations.

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