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I Dared To Use Apple's iPhone 8: Experience of a Loyal Android User
A die-hard Android fan squarely falls in love with iPhone 8 in an attempt to challenge Apple, applauding it's beauty and capabilities.

I have always believed that any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. Today, giant tech houses like Apple and Samsung are endeavoring to create magic and jolt beyond our wildest dreams!

Their hottest devices iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 are currently making those dreams come true. As it happens, this hunt for Holy Grail ignites rivalry which is intense but beautiful in its own way.


Experiencing iPhone 8. (Source: Getty Images)

I tenaciously find myself in a battleground where these both companies lionize their flagship devices and roar to claim victory. To me, it is not a technological warfare because the technology they put on the devices amazes no one, but the experience they craft with it is everything.


DJ Koh, president of mobile communications business at Samsung, introduces the new Samsung Galaxy S8 during a launch event. (Source: Getty Images)

Being Tech-savvy is fascinating especially now when I am able to handle anything and everything with a smartphone; a magical little fellow who lifts my home appliances, navigates me around, pays every bill, streams my music, hails astonishing pictures all with impeccable security empowered with a fingerprint sensor and iris scanner. Some of these features can exclusively be fancied in Android devices and I own one.


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Yes. Eight years of Samsung experience has dominated my body and soul. It has made me follow it religiously fomenting unmeaning hatred towards Apple, until now.

Now, I am enlightened instead. I have reanimated my unconscious beliefs and tried to fit pieces to this ill-omened puzzle.


Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple special event. (Source: Getty Images)

I lately had a chance to get my hands on iPhone 8, the latest generation of iPhone. The moment I held it with my firm hand, I was bewitched by its all-new glass design. Its shiny top-notch gold finishes were no less than ones of a shimmering yellow gemstone.

As I began to explore it more, I found that I am dealing with something more than a status symbol. Regardless of its aging screen design compared to the bezel-less vying, at least for now when iPhone X is still on pending, I could relish a sinless experience.

I had been also hearing about the phenomenal iOS 11 from a lot of true-hearted Apple fans but this time I was beholding it myself and loving every bit. With Apple’s latest A11 Bionic chip-set everything seemed lightning fast. It was simple yet mesmerizing.

The orthodox living deep within me was in an unending skirmish with this new illuminated man who was defying his every old belief!

However, I was convinced to question the device further. So, I went deeper. I decided to test the world’s most popular smartphone camera. I wouldn’t say that it was unrivaled but it was impressive after all.

It had admirable features like Portrait mode for sharper foregrounds, new facial landmarking to create dramatic studio lighting effects, a decent front camera for everlasting selfies and notable optical zoom. I had scrutinized them all.


An Apple phone is seen after Apple launched iPhone 8 and 8 plus. (Source: Getty Images)

As I planned to decide the next trial, I accidentally put my thumb on a tiny icon saying Night Sky. The ecstatic feel reemerged for the app I fortuitously opened altered the way I had been seeing the world.

I was now experiencing an immersive and incredible iPhone’s inbuilt augmented reality powered planetarium where I could identify objects, overlay constellations, bring the Solar System to my home, have a sky tour for any location or time on Earth and even land on other planets. I had no purpose left to doubt this stunning marvel any further because I realized I was challenging pure art; a beautiful mind.


Using Apple’s exclusive AR powered application. (Source: Flickr)

Here I stand today, once a devoted fan of Samsung, now a blasphemous person, a renegade, eagerly embracing the truth. The truth that Apple does create magic. The truth that Apple does inspire it. And the truth that Apple does outshine Samsung!

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