Drew Brees' Injury: Find Out What Happened to the Saints Quarterback
Drew Brees suffered from a thumb injury during the first quarter of the Saint's Week 2 matchup, and has an expected downtime of six weeks.

Drew Brees suffered a thumb injury during Saints’ Week 2 matchup with the Rams.

Drew Brees Thumb Injury
(Image source: Instagram/ Drew Brees)

NFL’s Ian Rapoport revealed that Brees underwent a surgery after his injury. His projected downtime is thought to be 6 weeks.

Rapoport tweeted, “The thumb surgery for #Saints QB Drew Brees went perfect, source said, and he’s expected to remain in the Los Angeles area to rehab and work for the next few days. The original time frame was 6 weeks and that remains within reach. NO has not yet placed him on Injured Reserve.”

The NFL reporter said Brees would “push like crazy” to recover as fast as possible. If he does in fact need 6 weeks, he will be returning to play against the Cardinals during Week 8. He could also take Week 8 off and play against the Falcons in Week 10.


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ESPN’s Ed Werder said, “Sean Payton said on media conference call that Drew Brees has remained in LA for crucial post-surgery rehab. He’s expected to return to NOLA end of week and be on sideline with earpiece or headset helping offense vs #Cowboys.”

Drew Brees Thumb Injury
(Image source: Instagram/ Drew Brees)

Brees told WWL, “As far as the timetable for getting back though, they say six-to-eight weeks. I think I can beat that, but I’m just gonna take it one week at a time and see how things go.”

He also addressed why he opted for surgery. He said, “It’s something that immediately gives it strength and stability. And allows you to start rehab right away. You don’t have to be immobilized. You don’t have to be in a cast for a couple of weeks. You can start that rehab process right away, and it just fast-tracks the whole thing. It gives you that strength and stability while the ligament actually heals.”

Until his return, Teddy Bridgewater will serve as the Saints quarterback. Brees will be on the sidelines, helping Bridgewater perform.

(Image source: Instagram/ Drew Brees)

Hopefully Drew Brees will have a speedy recovery!


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