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How to look fit and lose those extra pounds without having to give up food!
If you want to look thinner without going to the gym, we've got the craziest hacks that will make you look like you lost a few pounds

It is every girls dream to be fit and lose those extra pounds without having to give up food. If you want to look thinner without going to the gym, we’ve got the craziest hacks that will make you look instantly hotter without any of those harmful diets.

So ladies, throw away those uncomfortable spanx and don’t even think about trying stretchy underwear which promises to make you look slimmer, but only gives you muscle pain and breathing difficulties.

These 9 tips are here to make your life easier – and only by updating your wardrobe!

1. Show Some Neck


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Take the Plunge V-Neck Dress

$20.00 from Nasty Gal

The more the skin shows between your chin and chest, the more in proportions your curves will seem. If you’re a pear shaped gal, V-necklines will create a visual balance for broad hips and thighs.

2.Shoes with Pointy Toes


Patent the Picture Stiletto Court Heels

$70.00 from Nasty Gal

A lot of women aren’t fond of pointy shoes, but get this…it gives your legs a more slim and sexy look, especially if they’re pointy heels or stilettos. Square-toe styles with thicker or blocked heels give the appearance of a shorter, bulkier legs, instead of tall leaner ones. So this seems like a pair of these is a good investment.

3.High rise Jeans


Ultra High Waist Skinny Jeans

$39.99 from Amazon


High-waisted jeans can trick the eye into thinking you’re leaner as they elongate your lower body. The right pair would be darker colored slim-fitting jeans that hit your ankle.The elevated waist needs to be visible, so tuck in your blouse, tee, or maybe even a sexy cop top to pull off the “smokin’ hot” look.

4.Stick with One Color


Edfu Crop Top

$340.00 from shopbop


Coombe Pants

$358.00 from shopbop

Most people don’t know this one. It’s crazy, but tops and bottoms of the same color actually do make you look more fit, as they create an uninterrupted vertical line, that creates the effect of making you look much taller. If you opt for contrasts between your upper and lower body, it only draw eyes to your middle.

5.Bright Colors


Champion Premium Reverse Weave Track Jacket

$85.00 from shopbop

Bright colors make you look even more slimmer ad appealing. As bright colors are very eye catching for everyone and we love looking at colors that are vibrant and different. Not only this but they make you look younger and more attractive along with looking thin as they give off an effect of thin body.

6. Wear the color black more often.


Susana Monaco Noella Pencil Skirt

$106.00 from shopbop

We’ve all heard that wearing all black makes you look thinner. Does that mean you ignore all the other colors and go goth? No. Because you can masking your problem areas with the right bright shade. Be it shocking pink, red, or royal blue! If you want to make your bulky thighs look more fit, a well-fitted pencil skirt with a bright-colored top is the way to go!


7. The Right Lingerie



Sexy Lingerie For Women

$2.99 from Amazon

This is essential since your undergarments are the base for everything you will build over. Do not ever make the mistake of slipping on an old sloppy bra. This will only draw more attention to your chest. Wear a bra that gives you full coverage and it should have high rise to tuck in the flab.

8.Vertical Prints And Patterns


Stripe Tease Oversized Pants

$20.00 from Nasty Gal

I know this is sad to hear, since we love those adorable striped horizontal prints. But they make you look wider than you actually are. Which is why vertical print dresses with deep necks are the right way to look slimmer and taller. A vertical striped pant or patterns with an A-line are your best friends!

9. Body suits


Women's Sexy Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit

$15.99 from Amazon

If you want to look like you have been magically dropping sizes overnight, this creates the best effect for an hourglass figure. Opt for a deep V-neck bodysuit dress or top, that are snug yet not skin tight. Try one of these and thank us later.




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