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Girl Power! 15 GALENTINE'S Day Gifts to Surprise Your Gal Best Friend!
Whether it is your long time best gal friend, your sister or your co-worker, forget Valentine's Day this February; celebrate Galentine's Day to uplift the fabulous women in your life!

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It’s that time of the year again. It’s February and love is, indeed, in the air. It’s the time to throw away all that is dull and drab and shower everyone with warm hugs and sweet expressions of love. 

Can you guess that special day that is drawing near? Nope, it isn’t Valentine’s Day.


‘Tis the time to tell your longtime best gal (single or not), who has been there with you through thick and thin, that you love and cherish your friendship. Do not let the anxiety of initiating a deep, heartfelt conversation hold you back! Call them up and become their number one fan.


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It goes without saying that giving someone your time and company is the best thing you could possibly give them. But if you want to go the extra mile and really make this Galentine’s Day special, take a look at our list of things you could give to your Galentine!

1. Rose Contour Makeup Brush Set

Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a way to tell your makeup-loving Galentine that your magical friendship/squad game is always on fleek, then look no further. Not only do these Beauty and The Beast brushes look aesthetically pleasing, they also happen to be environmentally friendly! Score!

The best part? They’re only $6.99!


2. Set of 8 Vegan Bath Bombs

Source: Amazon

This is the perfect gift to give to your Galentine who loves to keep up with all the latest trends on Instagram – or perhaps just someone who really deserves a break! Have a look at these colorful, organic bath bombs that beautifully diffuse in warm water.

Source: Amazon

Here’s a promising review:

“I bought these for my girlfriend as a graduation gift and she said they were better than Lush bath bombs that cost a minimum of $5-7 each. She said the aromatic smells of these were amazing and would definitely buy them again! She has incredibly sensitive skin and is allergic to so many soaps, chemicals, and foods, but these didn’t make her break out in hives or irritate her skin, she loved them!” – MelonMan

Let your Galentine pamper herself with these for only $16.99!


3. Wildrose and Raspberry Spa Basket 

Source: Amazon

This indulgent spa basket is absolutely perfect for that gal in your life who needs to unwind ASAP. She often works overtime. She is passionate about her work. She is a perfectionist. But on top of that, she also cares about her health and the environment. She just won’t make the initial effort to pamper herself, so you must do it for her!

Let her have her break with this 100% cruelty-free spa basket!

Get it for $26.99.

4. An Amazing Set of Gal-Centric Books for the Feminist!

The quiet winter nights can get lonely, and although you and your Galentine have already had a long heartfelt talk over the phone into the night, she is going to read a book before sleeping – because that’s what she does! The following set is for the avid reader and fierce feminist who has been your biggest support in your growth as a woman.

Here are the best feminist books you can make a set out of!

A Biography of Frida Kahlo 

Source: Amazon

Inspiring. Artistic. A quintessential figure in your feminist endeavors, all for $18.45.

Women in Science 

Source: Amazon

Representation matters. Get this for your feminist friend for $11.55!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***

Source: Amazon

Know a gal who needs to stop caring about all the negativity around her? Teach her the art of not caring about what doesn’t matter. Buy this is in $14.99.

5. “Ovaries Over Brovaries” Mug

Source: Amazon

Remember the girl code: Ovaries over brovaries and sisters over misters! Let this be a reminder to your Galentine that you hold her presence on the highest of pedestals.

Get it for $17.95.

6. An Elegant Glass Paperweight 

Source: Amazon

Simple, elegant, and subtle – with a real flower encased!

If you are willing to splurge on something which will remind your longtime gal of the elegance and calmness of springtime, take a look at this paperweight which contains a carefully preserved dandelion! Just as precious as your Galentine!

Get it from Amazon for $54.94.

7. A Cute, Warm Bundle: Throw Pillow and Socks

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Make sure your Galentine stays comfy with this soft and sequined heart throw pillow. They can even finger-draw on it, with the easily turnable sequins.

Combine it with these cute hearts socks! Many people seem to have a slight case of cold feet just as February approaches, but this Galentine’s Day, make sure that your special friend stays warm!

Get the pillow for $14.95 and the socks for only $6!

8. Handmade 3D Rose Necklace 

We were not lying when we said we’ve got you covered! This delicate necklace is perfect for your Galentine, whoever that may be. Show them a little love with this gold fill pendant that is also handmade.

Source: Amazon

Here’s a promising review:

“This necklace is beautiful! I have gotten so many complements. The length is perfect in my opinion! Not to long, but long enough so it’s not tight around my neck. It fits comfortably very comfortably and doesn’t irritate my skin.” – Michele

Get it for $10.99!

9. A Classy ‘Boss Lady’ Set: Mug and Journal

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

This Galentine is her own boss! And she deserves nothing less than this fabulous mug that reflects her attitude – together with a space to allow her to organize her thoughts and turn them into ideas!

Get this beautiful dotted bullet journal for $5.99 and coffee mug for $24.99!

10. Single Ladies Nailpolish

Source: Amazon

What do we do when we’re strong and independent, and ready to put ourselves out there? We wear red!

Let your Galentine know that if something didn’t work out, ’twas not meant to be, and that they are still beautiful, fabulous and confident! Not only is this color absolutely ravishing, it is also a fun way to embrace the #singlelife.

Here’s a promising review of this bold shade of red:

“This polish is the most classic shade of red out there, and I have unsuccessfully tried to find another! No one else makes a red such as this one. It is a true blue-red with no orange.” – cloverab

Get it for your brave and bold Galentine for $18.89.

11. A Fabulous ‘Treat Yo Self’ Pack

No one treats themselves better than Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation! This is the cutest way for your best friend to let others know, “Hey! I’m treating myself and it’s all worth it!”

Leslie-Ann Mug


Source: Amazon

Treat Yo Self Pouch

Source: Amazon

This should also be a good reminder to your Galentine to make herself a priority more often!

Get the mug for $15.95 and the pouch for $15!

12. Scented Candles Aromatherapy Set 

Source: Amazon

Refuge for the dreamer: Here is your gift to your Galentine; your favorite dreamer. Creating an aromatic dreamers space had never been easier! These adorable candles come in different scents. The best part? They are fun-sized and eco-friendly!

Here’s a promising review:

“These candles are absolutely delightful and extremely cute. The scents are beautiful and they are the perfect size for any area. Great for gifts or to keep for yourself :)” – Emily

Get the set for $15.96!

13. Travel Mat/Yoga Towel with Hearts

Source: Amazon

Here’s the gal with whom every day is an adventure! This yoga mat is not only great for Instagram photos but is lightweight, portable, and can be easily folded. In case your Galentine is not traveling soon, maybe she can embark on a journey to decipher the message hidden in the mat’s design. Can you guess what it is?

Get it from Amazon for $68.

14. Gorgeous Jewelry Trays


Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

These velvet covered trays will make sure all of your Galentine’s precious jewelry says safe and untouched!

Get the beige one for $19.99 and the purple for $19.95!

15. Eye Candy: Hot Dudes Reading Book

Source: Amazon

Maybe your Galentine isn’t looking for anyone, but still needs some eye candy. If she’s a reader and loves men who read, crack her up with this book full of hot dudes reading! What else could one ask for?!

Get her all this eye candy for $12.76. You can also get a Men and Cats version!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s about time we break the whole Valentine’s stereotype and make this into a day where we appreciate our female friends – because they are the ones who stand by us when no one else does.  Surprise your Galentine today


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