5 Stunning and Gorgeous Prom dresses inspired by Sherri Hill and Faviana
5 beautiful dresses have been inspired by Top Evening Gown designer's, Sherri Hill and Faviana.These jaw dropping prom dresses scream “Queen”.

Hey lovely ladies! Have you been tirelessly looking for Prom dresses but haven’t been able to choose the best one?

Well don’t sweat it – because we have chosen 5 beautiful, in style dresses that call out to you! These elegant, dazzling dresses have been inspired by Top Evening Gown designer’s, Sherri Hill and Faviana.



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So stay tuned as we show you the dresses that will make everyone look at you like a queen.

1. Square with Me Maxi Dress


Square With Me Maxi Dress

$16.00 from Nasty Gal

This red lustrous and gleaming dress literally screams “Queen”! A beautiful blend of square neckline, sleeveless and slit at front is truly breathtaking. It is inspired by Sherri Hill’s Prom Dresses collection. Well now you can wear the same look but only cheaper.

2. Yumi Kim Carmen Dress


Yumi Kim Carmen Dress

$258.00 from shopbop

This beautiful dress of chiffon fabric in floral print ticks all our boxes for what we look for in a prom dress. The appealing off-shoulder neckline will give you a touch of sultry too! This dress is also inspired by Sherri Hill’s Dresses collection.

3. Yumi Kim Love Affair Maxi Dress


Yumi Kim Love Affair Maxi Dress

$268.00 from shopbop

This opulent Wild rose black colored dress is to die for! The small details of this dress leaves big impacts on its viewers and makes us think that it is worth every penny.

4. Zac Posen Ronnie Gown


Zac Posen Ronnie Gown

$483.00 from shopbop

This dress just makes us say “WOW”. This black colored dress with flared hem grazes is very appealing and luxurious. It has a matte finish which gives it a sexy flare.

5.  Likely Tamarelli Gown


Likely Tamarelli Gown

$378.00 from shopbop

Simplicity at its best! This simple yet beautiful dress in strobe color is super elegant. This is a Hot selling item in Faviana’s collection.


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