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21 Unique Rings for the Special Women in Your Life!

by Maira Shahzad

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You might be looking for a ring to propose to the special lady in your life, or perhaps you just want to make someone else smile with a small token of love. It could be your mother, your sister or even a friend – because jewelry is a girl’s best friend, right?!

Regardless of the occasion, we’ve selected the most unique rings for the ladies in your life. There’s something for every kind of a woman!

1. Squirrel and Acorn Sterling Ring 

This cute sterling ring is perfect for the one who’s a child at heart and is not afraid of embracing her fun side. The sterling and stone add just the perfect touch of elegance to it!

It looks pretty costly, but you can buy it from Amazon for just $14.99!

2. Minimalist Rose Gold 

Rose gold is all the hype nowadays so this ring is perfect for the modern chic who has a minimalist style. And because the ring is so dainty, it can easily be stacked onto the other rings you give her!

Get it now for $14.69.

3. Black Biker Ring 

This dark chunky ring is for the wild one! This girl enjoys long rides on heavy motorbikes and even longer nights at concerts!

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

4. Charm Ring 

Dreamcatchers and charms are a must have in every girl’s room! Be sure to let her know about the charm in your life by giving her this ring.

Buy it now for $9.99.

5. Rainbow Topaz Ring 

This intricately detailed ring can be given as a promise ring, an engagement ring or for any other occasion, really. The stone is so eye-catching that this piece is a statement on its own!

The best part? It only costs $20!

6. Whale Of A Tale! 

This ring is for the beach girl – the one who spends her days by the sea and is in love with its creatures.

Buy this statement whale ring for $79.99.

P.S. Your literature-inspired friend who loves Moby Dick would love this just as much!

7. Elegant Cat Ring 

We all know that one cat-lady in our lives who may be a little too much in love with her cats. This month, let them know that you are thinking of them with this ring!

It’s a ring involving cats, but it’s also extremely elegant. Get it for $12.79.

8. Infinity Sterling Ring 

To infinity and beyond! Nothing says forever like this sterling ring – which certainly isn’t your typical infinity ring. This dainty, elegant piece can be a reminder of all the time spent together and the great times to come!

Buy it now for $79!

9. Dull Gold Compass Ring 

This ring is for the adventurous, happy-go-lucky woman in your life. Let her know that with her, you’ve always found the right direction in life!

Buy it for only $7.99!

10. Black Ceramic with Koa Wood

Black Ceramics and Koa wood make a beautiful pair together, just like you and your lady! This ring has just the right amount of nature’s allure with a little edge to it.

Get it for $19.99.

11. Watermelon Tourmaline Raw Stone Slice Ring

If you’re willing to splurge on a ring for your lovely lady, then this is the ring you should go for. With the increasing popularity of crystals and raw gemstones today, it’s only fair that you treat her to this ring!

Get it from Amazon for $299.99.

12. Labradorite Gemstone Ring

This one is for the dreamer; this gemstone allows you to see beyond the mundane to encourage creativity and imagination. It has also been the stone for people waiting to actualize their dreams!

And it costs only $23!

13. Geometric Rose Gold Ring 

This ring is perfect for long-time commitment, as an engagement or a wedding band. Color coordinate with your loved one by getting the same in a different color!

They cost $230 on Amazon.

14. Smoky Quartz Ring

This ring is perfect for your girl to channel her inner Maleficent or Daenerys. Or better yet, propose to her with this ring in a Game of Thrones fantasy setting!

Get it for $189!

15. Aquamarine Ring 

This one is for your queen in the north! Sing to her your song of ice and fire with this beautiful icy ring.

Get it for $249.99.

16. Heirloom Sapphire Ring 

This Renaissance inspired, intricately detailed ring is perfect for the woman who believes she was unfortunately born too late to experience the Renaissance. Get her this ring to make her feel truly special.

Buy it from Amazon for $179.99.

17. Gold Map Ring 

This chunky ring is for the one you want to travel the world with! Let her know you can’t wait to make new memories with her.

Buy it for $220.

18. Pulse Ring 

“Till death do us part.” Let her know you want to spend forever with her with this beautiful pulse ring in gold.

Get it from Amazon for $109.99.

19. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows! 

Nope, we didn’t forget the Potterhead! Here’s your chance to present the most minimalistic design of the Harry Potter series!

Buy it from Amazon for $99.99.

20. Unique Landscape Rings 

If you two are nature lovers and often like to go for long walks in the woods, this ones for you! These unique rings house little landscapes within them and come in quite a few designs.

Get one from Amazon for $58.00.

21. Pink Heart Ring 


Finally, here’s what you can’t go wrong with – the ultimate ring for the hopeless romantic! This can be an engagement ring, or just a token of love.

Buy it for $416.90.

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