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EXCLUSIVE – Sunflower Serena: A Poetry Prodigy’s Obsessions with Sunflowers Turns into Art

by Myra E.

18-year old model, Serena Gabriella Cheade, is obsessed with sunflowers. And in her obsession, she has found poetry and art. The teen has become popular on Instagram and Twitter with her quirky posts going viral by the day.

Journal Post spoke to the model in an exclusive interview.

Serena uploaded this image on her Twitter profile with the caption, “I’m wearing sunflowers tonight.” (Image source: Twitter)

sThe African model adorns herself with her favorite flower. (Image source: Twitter)

Serena tells Journal Post that she likes to play the violin and do ballet. (Image source: Instagram)

Her love for sunflowers began as an interest and turned into a passion. (Image source: Twitter)

Serena is a model by day and a poetry prodigy by night. She pens poems in multiple languages, including French and English. At the young age of 18, Serena has already achieved so much; she has written her own poetry book, and aims to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

The teen model wants to sign with IMG Models in France. (Image source: Instagram)

Serena’s poems are always uploaded in the same format on Instagram, typewritten on a yellowed background with images of sunflowers in the corner. (Image source: Instagram)

Serena is a model by day and a poetry prodigy by night. (Image source: Instagram)

In an interview with Journal Post, Serena spoke about her love for sunflowers and how that served as inspiration for her first poetry book; “When I saw a sunflower for the first time, I felt my poetry come to life, such a beautiful feeling.”

The young model seen hugging her dog in an Instagram photo. (Image source: Instagram)

Serena’s poetry sounds well beyond her years. (Image source: Instagram)

Serena says her obsession with sunflowers began a while back, and grew as she took more and more interest in facts about the flower. Once she started delving further into the obsession, she discovered metaphors that fit her poetry perfectly.

Kate Moss, Charles Bukowsky and Franz Kafka have been Serena’s inspirations through her life. (Image Source: Instagram)

She likes to write poems full of beautiful metaphors. (Image source: Instagram)

Serena considers meeting influencer, Samar aka Ulap, as a major achievement in life. (Image source: Instagram)

In her poems, the model particularly likes to talk about the mother-child relationship. She compares the relationship of a mother and her child to that of the sun and a sunflower.

Serena takes the simple things in nature and uses them as metaphors in her poems. She said in her interview, “I just tend to bind myself to the mundane and turn it into poetry.”

Serena feels her poetry come to life with her favorite flower. (Image source: Instagram)

Serena’s mom pictured in a sunflower field. (Image source: Twitter)

The young model was born and raised in Ivory Coast, Africa, but has since moved to Lebanon. She has worked with brands like Paul Mitchell, L’oreal, Blondi’s, and Desigual in Lebanon.

In the future, she plans to move to France to pursue her modeling career. We wish her all the best in her career and her poetry!

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