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Quimera, the Chimera Cat with Dual-Colored Face is Storming the Internet
Quimera; the chimera cat, is getting popular because of her beautiful genetic dysfunction and has loads of followers on her Instagram account.

Quimera; the chimera cat, has recently taken the internet by storm, managing with over 35K followers on her Instagram.

This chimera cat has been gaining the limelight because of her dual-colored face.

The beautiful feline cat has half of her furry face amber-colored with a hazel eye while the other half is black with a blue eye.

Chimera Cat

Quimera is recently going very viral because of her unique look. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

The chimera cat is split into two different color types because of the merging of multiple fertilized eggs into one.


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The magazine, New Republic explained that the cat breed has quite a quirky DNA.

“A chimera … is a composite individual that was made up of cells from at least two different original embryos,” said the geneticist.

Quimera Cat

Quimera’s breed has quite a quirky DNA. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

“If they fuse together early enough, they will become a single organism whose genetic input is from two completely different individuals,” the source added.

Chimera Cat

This cat isn’t any different than a normal in behavior but beauty. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

“In a mosaic, there’s only one individual, and it just happens to have different genetic components active in its cells. A chimera would be a much more unusual and unlikely event.”

So according to the geneticist professor, Quimera is in fact, a perfect example of a calico cat.

Chimera Cat

Quimera’s fans make her fan art all the time. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

Papaioannou further explained how Quimera, a calico cat, saying: “It’s a fairly straightforward example of X-inactivation mosaicism, with the addition of a white spotting gene. All female mammals have two X-chromosomes.”

Quimera Cat

Quimera is a perfect example of a calico cat. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

“In a cat, one gene for fur color is located on the X chromosome. And in any female, expression of all the genes that are on the X chromosome will be ‘mosaic’ —that is, half of them will express one version of the gene (e.g., black fur) and half will express the other version of the gene (e.g., orange fur).”

Quimera Cat

The cat is split into two different color types because of the merging of multiple fertilized eggs into one. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

“The inactivation is random. Here we are talking about the orange/black mosaicism, which is highly visible, but the same pattern will hold true for other genes on the X that have two different versions — or alleles”.

Chimera Cat

Quimera according to a Genetic Specialist is not a chimera cat but a calico cat. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

When the New Republic asked him about that how was it that the chimera has different eyes, he explained the phenomenon as: “It must be the white spotting gene that’s affecting her eyes, because the blue eye has a lack of melanin.”

Quimera Cat

White spotting gene that’s affecting her eyes, because the blue eye has a lack of melanin. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

He added: “This cat has white spots on the chest, and it has white paws. The white spotting gene, the piebald gene, is probably affecting the two eyes differently.”

“One has a sort of normal color, and one is blue, which is a lack of pigment.”

Chimera Cat

Venus is the opposite of Quimera yet equally famous. (Source: Venus’s Instagram)

These questions he answered were about Venus, the cat who was also believed to be a chimera cat but in fact wasn’t one. Venus is also a very famous one of the species and even has her own merchandise.

She has a great fan-following with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 1370,220 likes on her Facebook. She is considered to be the predecessor of Quimera.

Chimera Cat

Quimera cuddling with her owner (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

The difference between Venus and Quimera is their eyes.

Quimera has blue eyes on her black side and hazel on her brown whereas Venus has hazel eyes on the black front and blue on her brown side.

Chimera Cat

The rare breed looks stunning in the shot. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

Chimera or a calico cat, Quimera is still very beautiful and exquisite to look at. The best part about it? You don’t need to give her special treatment.

Quimera Cat

Little does she know, how big of a star she already. (Source: Quimera’s Instagram)

Quimera can be seen playing and cuddling with her owner on her Instagram page. She runs around the house, clumsily poking her human while he’s working on his laptop.

She lives as normally as any other pet. Little does she know, how big of a star she already is with thousands of followers.


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