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“Animals Do Have Feelings!” Group of New Forest Ponies Stand By the Roadside to Mourn the Death of a 9-Year-Old Mare

by Faryal

A heartbreaking image of a stud of New Forest Ponies looking over their dead mate emerged on Facebook a week ago.

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New Forest Ponies

A devastating image of New Forest Ponies looking over a dead mare who was killed by a motorist. (Source: Facebook)

According to Horse and Hound, more than 222 horses have been killed in road accidents since 2010.

In an accident reported in April 2017, British Horse Society’s safety director, Alex Hiscox said, “Reports of accidents on our Horse Accidents website have gone up because more people know about it, but it’s still shocking that this has happened.”

He further added, “80% of these accidents are avoidable because drivers are traveling too fast or too close to horses, or both.”

New Forest Ponies

Sarah Simmons was upset over the death of the pony. (Source: Facebook)

Another incident recently emerged in Hampshire National Park, England. A mare was killed by a motorist sometime in the middle of the night.

A devastating image came up on Facebook as one of the Sarah Simmons passed by the tragic scene. Unlike other passersby, she stopped to take note of the threat that horses face by drivers at night.

New Forest Ponies

A close-up of the dead horse by the road. (Source: Facebook)

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Sarah’s image displays an runway with a stud of horses on one side. However, when one looks closely, a dead brown mare can be seen on the other side of the road.

The horses had gathered together to mourn the loss of the mare.

Sarah also added a caption to her sentimental photo which read as follows:

“Broke my heart this morning seeing another pony KILLED on the forest road. Even more that her friends were looking on. I’m sorry to the commoner who’s lost the pony, I hope it’s not someone’s pony I know but I hope by posting this it may make people realize that it’s not just the owner who it upsets but their herd members too.”

“SLOW DOWN DAY/NIGHT ON FOREST ROADS THESE PONIES have more rights on these roads than you do. I will say a few drivers got a few choice words from me this morning even with this poor horse on the side of the road and the others looking on, they still were going too bloody fast.”

New Forest Ponies

New Forest National Park, Hampshire, UK. (Source: Getty Images)

The mare was Hazel Hill Scrap and was 9 years old. The poor horse succumbed to death due to a broken leg and multiple internal injuries.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The owner of the mare, Cathy Stride, spoke to Horse and Hound and revealed that it was her third pony that had been killed in a car accident on the same road.

She said, “They hit them like skittles. I welcome any publicity that helps drivers become aware; if they would just slow down it would help.” 

She also added, “They go too fast and don’t give the ponies enough room. We’ve even had people driving over foals’ feel as they lie beside the road.”

New Forest Ponies

A horse grazes during the autumn season in the New Forest in Hampshire, England. (Source: Getty Images)

Cathy also stated how she was glad that someone realized that “animals do have feelings” too.

The string of horses had been waiting all night next to their dead friend. Among the horses, was her mother and half-sister.

Cathy added how “her mother spent a day and a half looking over her.”

Drivers should be more careful while driving in the future.

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