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Aww! Lesbian Lovers Tori and Berkley Coincidentally Propose to Each Other at the Same Time During a Fun Game of Pictionary!

by Faryal

A lesbian couple proposed to each other at the same time during a game of Pictionary!

Who knew Pictionary could be so romantic? It is quite the modern day fairy tale. Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade are two women engaged in a romantic relationship.


Tori and Berkley are a lesbian couple. (Source: Instagram)

Tori is in her last year of education at the University of Texas at Austin and Cade is stationed in the Air Force near Texas.

The two met each other online and immediately hit it off. Tori Monaco told BuzzFeed, “We are each other’s first same-sex relationship, so we were blown away by our ability to connect with each other immediately and find the happiness we had been looking for.”

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The two women met each other online. (Source: Instagram)


This is their first same-sex relationship. (Source: Instagram)Cade originally decided that she wanted to propose to the love of her life and ask her hand in marriage. She made this decision four months ago and asked her girlfriend’s best friend to help her find the perfect ring.

Cade and her mother, Kristy,  began concocting the perfect wedding proposal for her daughter. In the end, the ladies agreed that Cade would propose to Toni when they visit Toni’s family that month.

To make things more interesting, the surprise proposal was to take place in the middle of a fun game of Pictionary!


The two girls showing off their engagement rings. (Source: Instagram)


The ladies proposed to each other at the same time during a game of Pictionary. (Source: Instagram)

Coincidentally, the two women were so happy and in love that Toni too decided that she wanted to propose to her girlfriend.

Cade’s mother received a delightful phone call from her to-be daughter-in-law informing her that she intended to ask for her daughter’s hand in marriage. On top of that, Toni too intended to propose on the same trip Cade had wanted to propose.


Tori is a senior in college and Cade is in the Air Force. (Source: Instagram)

This triggered Kristy’s creative side and she decided to ploy two proposals at the same, a one of a kind in history.

Tori told, “[Kristy] said she was planning a fun game night already, so I could do it then so Berk wouldn’t be suspicious. I said great, I could incorporate it into charades, and she said how about Pictionary!”


Cade’s mom set up the dual proposal. (Source: Instagram)

A video of the incredible moment is also available online. In the video, Cade is drawing an image for Toni to guess while Toni is making guesses like, “Man, woman!” 

Moments later Tori drops on one knee, while Cade is still busy drawing and leaves her shocked when she pops the words, “Hey Berk, will you marry me?”


The two girls hug each other passionately after getting engaged. (Source: Instagram)

Instantly, Berk also retrieves her ring for Tori and leaves her in shock and tears. Tori can be heard saying in the end, “This is a setup!”

Monaco further told BuzzFeed, “When she began drawing the picture and had her hands shaking and was taking so long to draw the prompt, I had my heart pounding thinking she must know I am going to propose. There is no way she is proposing too.”

She further elaborated, “And when I got down on one knee and proposed and she was struck mute, I figured I would give a speech and she would say yes, but instead she pulls out her own ring. I [was] laughing at the coincidence, crying tears of happiness, and unbelievably shocked that something so perfect was happening to me.”


Tori and Cade were shocked when both of them proposed at the same time. (Source: Instagram)

Cade’s mother described how the entire experience of organizing a one of a kind proposal was nerve-wracking.

According to Monaco, she said, “When in the universe will there ever be two lesbians that want to propose at the same time, same day, the same place, and the same way? I have to get it right.”


Tori lying on her partner, Cade. (Source: Instagram)

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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