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Emirates flight attendant posts adventurous photographs of her wanderlust lifestyle

by Rahma Altaf

Brigita Jagelaviciute flaunts her multi-millionaire lifestyle on Instagram as she globe-trots around the world to exquisite places. Surprisingly, she doesn’t earn a six-figure salary; she works as an Emirates stewardess!

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The Lithuanian-born and Dubai-based flyer has posted hundreds of pictures on Instagram of her luxurious lifestyle; this has earned her a fan base of more than 60,000 followers.

emirates air hostess

Air hostess, Brigita Jagelaviciute, has posted pictures on Instagram about her lavish lifestyle. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

emirates stewardess

She has a fan base of more than 60,000 followers on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

In an interview with Daily Mail, Brigita expressed that even though she managed to explore the mountains in New Zealand, sunbathe on the Australian beach, and hang-glide over Brazil, she still has many places to cover. She said, “So far I’ve ticked off 74 countries – and that’s only 30 percent of the world, so I still have a long way to go.”

She also talked about places she never gets tired of visiting. She said “There are so many places I always love returning to, including the Seychelles, Singapore and Paris.”

emirates stewardess

She posted pictures of her hand gliding in Rio de Janeiro. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)


Brigita has travelled to more than 80 countries, including Russia. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

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Her current favorite is New York. Expressing her love for the city of lights, she said “There is just something magical about the Big Apple – the energy and the hustle and bustle of the city. It just always leaves me inspired.”

Brigita states she was destined to be a flight attendant the moment she saw an Emirates cabin crew walking through an airport in France several years ago. She reminisced, “I still remember that moment so clearly and when I saw the crew walking in the airport with their beautiful red hats I was taken aback as I have never seen or heard anything about the airline before.”

The frequent traveler expressed how much she despises fixed routine and craves constant change in her life. She loves her job because she is able to do something different everyday. She explained, “I don’t like waking up at the same time and doing the same thing five days a week only to wait for the weekend.”

emirates stewardess

She is on a mission to cover all the countries in the world. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

air hotess

She described how she’s an extroverted, social butterfly. She added, “Meeting new people when you’re young is also lots of fun and this job is a great opportunity to make some long-lasting friendships.”

However, Brigita confesses that being a flight attendant isn’t always that easy. She talks about the tough working hours, incensed passengers, loneliness, constant jet-lag and the extreme exhaustion that comes with her job.

emirates stewaardess

She has described that her job can get lonely sometimes. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

Just Fashion Now (UK)
air hotess

The most undesirable part of Brigita’s job is the associated jet lag. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

She explained, “The worst part of being a flight attendant is most definitely jet lag. It’s hard to even explain what you feel if you have never experienced it.”

She further added, “You have to be capable to quickly adjust to different temperatures, time zones and places and it’s not easy. I think even after having worked many years in aviation people still struggle sometimes to fight it.”

The 23-year=old described how she felt to be in two different countries in the same week. She said, “A few months ago, I was in Japan and Brazil within a week’s time. It was just hard to comprehend that they are on completely different sides of the world.”

air hotess

Brigita has learned a great deal of about different countries. (Image source: Instagram/Brigita Jagelaviciute)

By sharing her adventures on Instagram and YouTube, Brigita advises those who want to start a career in the skies to stay determined, take risks and adopt a desire to learn about different culture and traditions. Brigita expressed her experiences from flying; she said, “Some of the most memorable things in my flying career have been when I had dared to step out of my comfort zone.”

She emphasized more on how much traveling has taught her. She said, “Most importantly, try to learn as much as you can because travelling this world is the best education you can ever have.”

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