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Egyptian Woman Commits Suicide After Being Forced to Leave her House Because she was Diagnosed with AIDS

by Shanzah Sahir

An Egyptian woman kills herself in a distressing event after her family was forced to leave their life because she was diagnosed with AIDS.

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Egyptian woman committed suicide after being forced to leave her house (Source: Getty Images)

A recent incident in Egypt about a married couple has hit the nerves all around the world. An entire family was pressurized to leave their own house after the parents were diagnosed with HIV. This heart-wrenching incident caused the woman to commit suicide.

Societal pressure has been the reason behind many suicidal cases all around the world. Specially Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) has been a source of disgust and shame for people that are affected by it.

The local media reports state that the mother of two was 24-years-old and was in huge psychological crisis.

The woman and her family were under immense pressure because of their neighbors. The woman was diagnosed with AIDS, six months ago. She contracted the disease from her 32-year-old husband who is a drug addict.

The unnamed woman committed suicide by jumping from the 5th floor in Cairo’s Bulaq District. Her body was taken to a hospital called Bulaq al-Dakrour hospital.

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The area where the incident happened was screened by the security forces. The forces were directed by Major General Essam Saad, Director of Giza Security.

The body was examined after getting to the hospital. Upon examination, it was revealed that the woman was going through a ‘psychological crisis.’

The woman was going through serious ‘psychological crisis’ (Source: Getty Images)

The AID stricken woman caught this disease from her husband, Mohammad. He also discovered that he was infected with the same disease. The investigation also revealed that the 24-year-old housewife’s husband was an addict. He had been using heroin for the past eight months. He was infected with the disease because of the use of a contaminated syringe for drug usage.

The mother of two kids was not feeling well for the past six months. She was suffering from severe fatigue and stress after her diagnosis. The deceased lived on Al-Nasr Street in Bulaq El Dakrour.

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Her neighbors wanted them to leave their house after gaining knowledge of her illness. This was the primary reason for the woman’s suicide.

Before her death, the 24-year-old tried to make things work for herself and her family. However, all her efforts were washed out as the neighbors were adamant about kicking the family out. The residents of that area decided unanimously that the couple will not be allowed to live in the neighborhood anymore. They were forced to immediately leave their house and the area of  Boulaq El Dakror.

The family, especially the wife, was courageous in her efforts of persuading them. She tried not to kneel in front of their illogical requests, but eventually, she had to give up. The family temporarily moved in with Mohammad’s mother.

The police called the incident to be a suicidal case instead of homicide (Source: Getty Images)

The family was about to leave their house as the husband took the kids downstairs. The wife came back up to the apartment to grab something before leaving for her husband’s mother’s place. That is when she threw herself off the window of the fifth floor and committed suicide.

The police immediately arrived at the scene and called the incident to be a suicidal case instead of a homicide.

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