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Little Boy with Giant Hands Hopes to Have a Normal Life!
12-year-old Tarik from Uttar Pradesh, India, suffers from an undiagnosed disease. He mysteriously has giant hands since birth which have gotten bigger now.

12-year-old boy with giant hands hopes to engage in normal activities like other children!

Tarik from Uttar Pradesh, India, suffers from a rare disease. He mysteriously has giant hands since birth which some doctors speculate might be Elephant Foot disease.

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Giant Hands

Tarik’s condition has caused his hands to grow to an enormous size and lose shape or symmetry. (Source: Barcroft Media)

After his father’s demise, his brother Hargyan takes care of him. His problem has not been diagnosed because he can not afford to see a specialist. The young boy works at a tea stall to earn a living.

Giant Hands

The villagers have branded him as the ‘devil’. (Source: Barcroft Media)

The young boy was even denied admission to school as the teachers feared he would scare other children. He was bullied by the village children and did not have any friends.

Living in one of India’s most impoverished parts, Tarik’s giant hands caused superstitious villagers to believe he was “cursed” and the “devil”.


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Tarik said: “I had few friends in the beginning but now I don’t have any. People are scared of my hands. I wanted to study but school refused my admission.

“People think having this condition is a result of some curse. They don’t know it’s a medical condition and it can be cured.”

He cannot even complete the simplest of his chores like changing clothes, bathing, dressing or eating. His brother has taken over the responsibilities after his father who used to take care of everything including taking Tarik to doctors for treatment.

Though, his Aunt Pushpa believes he condition is from God and it will get better.

She said: “His life is totally dependent on us. We have to take care of him all the time. But I am sure he will get a better treatment.”

Giant Hands

He faces difficulty doing simple chores and is dependent on his brother after his father’s death. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Countless visits to many local doctors have bought them nothing but disappointment. The doctors turn them down, unable to produce a diagnosis.

On a recent visit, Dr Pawan Kumar Gandhi said: ‘Tarik’s problem is actually a mystery to us. We’ve never seen a patient like this before.

‘I have seen a few similar cases but they had Elephant Foot disease, his condition seems to be similar to that.

‘Chances are low but nothing is impossible. In the age of science, there is lots of research, so nothing is impossible.’

His brother believes the local doctor do not have proper equipment. Hargyan really cares for his brother and is upset upon the fact that he will have to stay like this until they are able to afford proper medical treatment.

Giant Hands

Tarik is positive he is not cursed and will get a cure one day. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Tarik said: “I want to get rid of this condition. I want to become like other kids who go to school every day and play like normal kids. I see a hope that I will get normal hands.”

Despite all, Tarik is hopeful he will get a cure one day. He believes it’s just their financial conditions that are hindering him from seeking a cure!


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