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Barbie Fantasies: Model Bears Fake body Risking Life to go ‘As plastic as I can’

by Asad

Amanda Ahola, 21-year-old goes to extreme lengths to have the ultimate ‘perfect Barbie look.’

The Barbie girl said, “I think I’ll always have this idea that when I grow up, I’m going to look a certain way. At 16 I started making plans for how that was gonna go down. I had this vision of myself, and I didn’t look like it, so I just started changing things.”

Amanda Ahola poses while taking a selfie. (Source: Barcroft Images)

The Finnish has managed to pay hefty bills on her own for plastic surgeries. She has even worked as a cleaner to meet her ‘plastication’ goals, “When I was a cleaner at the hospital, I wasn’t supposed to wear makeup, and that was painful, but I did wear fake-eyelashes.”

The model applies makeup. (Source: Barcroft Images)

“It was a constant battle fighting with the people there as they always said my hair was too big and I was wearing too much make-up like I was about to go to a party.” She added.

Wannabe Barbie reveals her plastic body. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Amanda has transformed herself by spending £19,000 on her nose job and three major breast enhancements altogether. And, she has also paid thousands for lip fillers and Botox injections.

The Finnish snaps a pictures on webcam. (Source: Barcroft Images)

She told Barcroft TV: “My first surgery was my boob job, which was 460 ccs, which is quite large for an 18-year-old. Then my second surgery was [enlarging them to] 750ccs.
The [third] implant size is 1200cs, and I honestly want to go bigger. It doesn’t matter how big I go; it will never be big enough for me.”

Now she has 30GG cup breasts.

21-year-old shows her 30GG breasts. (Source: Barcroft Images)


In addition, the plastic obsessed has a sugar daddy who funded for her third breast augmentation.

Amanda clarified: I found my sugar daddy on Instagram. I wasn’t like looking for him. He asked me if there was anything that I would like and I said that I would like bigger boobs. I have never met my sugar daddy. I’ve only spoken him with him on the phone. Obviously, if someone wants to pay my bills or surgeries and is content to not having a physical relationship with me that is fine.

Amanda showcases herself. (Source: Barcroft Images)

She further said, “My boyfriend doesn’t like my sugar daddy.

Plastic girl. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Moreover, at first, Amanda’s fake looks and social media modeling affected their bond. Later Aleski, her boyfriend, compromised on certain terms and conditions.

She explained, “He doesn’t like it, and he thinks it’s weird because when we met, I was a lot more normal.

Aleski, Amanda’s boyfriend gets clicked. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Alekski said: “When it started, it caused issues in our relationship, but it has been dealt with and I’ve come to terms with it.”

Her recent surgical procedure almost killed her. She suffered an acute seizure and brain swell. Parents sat beside the dying doll begging god for her life. Her boyfriend was also there.

“My latest surgery…I nearly died. I don’t really remember, but I have little flashbacks of going to the surgery room, and then I remember waking up to a really weird dream that I was in a hospital bed and then I see my mum and my boyfriend.”
“My mum did not know I was having the surgery.

An old photograph of Amanda and her family. (Source: Barcroft Images)

“They started crying, and my mum told me that something happened after the surgery and they asked me, ‘Do you remember us? Because you didn’t yesterday.”

The model’s childhood photo. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Mother of 21-year-old described, “I received the second worse phone call a parent could receive. It’s that your child is on emergency and might die. The worst is that she’s dead already.”

Amanda added, “I didn’t regret what happened because I made a choice and that was the consequence, but I was really devastated because I knew that this was going to be the end of having any more surgery.”

Amanda while doing her internet job. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Six months later, Amanda is still confident to undergo another major surgical treatment. She is planning to embrace a Brazilian Butt inflation to reach the apex of her wild dream.

“Am I addicted to surgeries? Maybe in a way. I just know that I have to do all the things that I want to do because life could end at any second.”

Anyway, Amanda’s bizarre appearance does not shock her family now.

“My family is really normal and were brought up pretty humbly with not a lot of money, and their looks were never a concern to them,” Amanda said.

A recent family snap. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Her mum added: “From a young age you would see from Amanda that she was different. When she was four, we went shoe shopping to find shoes with a heel on them. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want her to go to the extreme, but she is an extreme kind of person. All or nothing. As parents we’ve been asking her to see a psychiatrist, to ask her, ‘Why do want you this?’, but it is her choice.”

Amanda appears in a solo portrait. (Source: Barcroft Images)

However, Amanda Ahola, a girl from Jyväskylä, Finland has devoted her body to plastic. She doesn’t fear anything anymore.

The Young woman takes a mirror selfie. (Source: Barcroft Images)

“My number one ambition is looking plastic, as plastic as I can. Barbie is really close to perfection, and I want to get as close to perfection as I can. When people call me fake or Barbie, it makes me really happy.”

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