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7 Things to do With Your Partner on New Year’s Eve This Year!

by Shanzah Sahir

2017 is almost over, and it’s time to bid farewell. And what’s a better way to end your year than spending it with your partner?

Let 2018 begin: Happy New Year (Source: Getty)

Let’s look at some of the most romantic ways to make your date night the one to remember!

Confetti falling, hugging couple enjoying New Year celebration (Source: Getty)

Cook a Delicious Three-course Meal at Home

Food and romance go hand in hand pretty much everywhere. At New Year’s Eve, when the roads are jammed and the whole world is out and about, cook something at home.

2018 Shaped Sparkler igniting in Cup with Marshmallows on an outdoor table. (Source: Getty)

Find solace in your house with your beloved and make the most of it. You could go for a hot tomato and basil soup to lighten up the things a little. Then have a sizzling Alfredo pasta as an entree to melt hearts, and finish off with chocolate lava cake to cherish the pleasure dripping within.

Feast that’s both traditional and tasty (Source: Getty)

If everything goes against your will, then there is always pizza. In fact, there is nothing more intimidating to anyone than pizza. Change of plans… go for pizza

A couple eating pizza. (Source: Getty)

Ice Skate Together

Spending your New Year’s Eve at the ice rink is one of the most beautiful ways to kick off your new year. Imagine holding your partner’s hand in an icy-cold night and that too while skating!

Couple ice skating on frozen lake (Source: Getty)

Imagine falling again and again because of your terrible skating skills but having your partner to raise you high every single time.

Couple with ice skates hugging below the snowy mountain. (Source: Getty)

It’s a perfect start to a new beginning while gliding above the rink alongside the one you love.

Movie Night and Breakfast in Bed

Oh, then there is the classic ‘Bed & Breakfast’ way to get the ball rolling for the New Year! So, what you could do is go shopping like everybody else or just ‘Netflix and Chill’. Choose the best romantic comedies to give a little boost to the romance in your life.

Couple watching television together and eating popcorn. (Source: Getty)

You could also go with thrillers or horror movies to get your partner close to you when they’re scared (If you know what I mean).

Then after spending the entire night cuddling in the best way possible, surprise your darling with ‘Breakfast in Bed’. Voila! Your new year is all set.

Smiling couple having breakfast in bed (Source: Getty)

Road Trip at Exact 12

An endless road trip is one peach of a way to get your love affair to the next level. So, take your partner for a long drive and get to know each other better.

Couple Driving in a Convertible Car at Night in Las Vegas, USA. (Source: Getty)

Starting your new year with such kind of road trip will bring an extra element of stability and understanding in your relationship. So think no more! Pack your bags, ignite the engine and Poof! Wait… don’t forget your partner though.

Shot of an attractive young couple going for a drive around the mountains in their vintage car. (Source: Getty)

Go to Beach and Watch the Sunset Together

Wandering on a beach with your lover beside could absolutely get you away from the city’s crowd and noise. It’s the most beautiful escape from the stress.

Couple watching the sunset at beach Lahinch, Ireland. (Source: Getty)

Hold your partner’s hand, grab a bottle of champagne, and run to the beach. It will all end your worries. Get yourself an amazing tan and have a little fun with your partner in the water.

Couple playing on the beach at sunset. (Source: Getty)

And then comes the best part. Watch the last sunset of the year with your beloved and make those moments last forever.

Night-time Stroll

New Year’s Eve is a night full of fun, recreation, and amusement. Finding yourself a calmness at that time of the year is really difficult. But, we’ve got you all sorted.

Group of young people having fun at night (Source: Getty)

Take your significant other to a romantic stroll in the park, away from the uproar. Let them rest their head on your chest, and watch it snow together all night long. Let it only be you and them, making nobody a part of the new chapter in your lives.


This one is for the couples who like to add entertainment to their lives. These people love to be a part of the rowdy crowd while making it all memorable for themselves. The lively ones, as we call them.

Silhouette of a young couple kissing against bright festival lights. (Source: Getty Images)

So what you could do is, take your partner to their favorite artist’s concert. Then pull them in for an expensive dinner or just get them a hot dog, it always does the trick… always!

Say goodbye to your year in the most rocking manner with your partner in crime.

So this New Year’s Eve, rekindle your romance and make your last night of the year unforgettable!

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