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Owner of a ‘vegetarian’ dog embarrassed on ‘This Morning’ after dog opts for the meat-based option

by Asfa

A dog owner that claimed to have a ‘vegetarian’ dog was embarrassed on live television after her dog picked the meat meal option naturally.

Lucy Carrington brought her dog, Storm, to the set of This Morning to talk about the vegetarian diet Storm had ‘naturally’ taken to. Carrington, who is not a vegetarian herself, told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she turned Storm to a vegetarian diet after the dog went off of food.

'vegetarian' dog

A dog owner was embarrassed by her ‘vegetarian’ dog. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

'vegetarian' dog

She said her dog naturally opted for vegetarian foods. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Noticing Storm’s responsiveness to the meat-free diet, she started buying him meat-free dog food and giving him her leftover vegetables.

'vegetarian' dog

She said she turned Stormi towards vegetarian food after he seemed unresponsive to meat. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

To test the claims, the hosts of the show brought out two bowls of dog food, one full of meat and one full of vegetables such as carrots and peas. Storm went straight for the bowl full of meat, totally ignoring the vegetables. After eating its fill, it turned towards the vegetables, but turned back to the meat dish.

'vegetarian' dog

Storm did not pay any attention to he vegetable dish. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Viewers of the morning show took to social media to express how funny and ridiculous they found the entire situation.

Vet Scott Miller, who was also on the show, said it was unnatural for dogs to rely completely on vegetable diets. They do not get their fill of amino acids, vitamin D and other nutrients that they need and can only obtain from animal protein. He said that while dogs can survive without meat, it is recommended to consult vets before their diets are shifted around.

'vegetarian' dog

The vet said that Storm was not meant to be on a vegetarian diet. (Image source: YouTube/This Morning)

Carrington said she would switch Storm back to a meat-based diet if that was what he preferred.

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