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Comedian Trevor Noah bashed for calling Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan a ‘brown Donald Trump’

by Umey Aimen

Trevor Noah, popular American comedian, is known for the satirical content he produces. Recently, however, his comparison of Pakistan’s new PM Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump did not go down well.

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Trevor Noah on imran khan

Noah comparing the two world leaders. (Image source: YouTube/Comedy Central)

Noah has been widely critically acclaimed by political satirists for the way he delivers comic content related to global political issues. However, in the latest episode of his show, the South African comedian compared the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, with the President of United States, Donald Trump – and Khan’s supporters are extremely unhappy.

Source: Twitter/The Daily Show

Noah started off his banter by drawing similarities between the personal backgrounds of both politicians. He commented on their romantic endeavors, their ‘privileged’ childhoods and their good looks.

Trevor further tried to prove his point by playing a video showing interview clips of both politicians one after the other, where both had lavish houses, three marriages each, and seemed to be narcissistically claiming that the public loves them. He also took a dig at what he said was Imran Khan’s ‘playboy’ background, referring to his home as his ‘lair’.

“While was Trump was doing pizza ads, Khan was promoting Pepsi. Trump has three marriages in the tabloid, so did Khan. Trump thinks Islam is bad, Khan lives is Islamabad,”  Noah joked.

Trevor Noah on Imran Khan

Trevor showed an image of Imran as a ‘young playboy’. (Image: YouTube/Comedy Central)

Trevor Noah on Imran Khan

He took a dig at Khan’s 3 marriages, just like Trump’s. (Image: YouTube/Comedy Central)

He further called the two leaders ‘twins’, while branding Khan a ‘tan version of Trump’, and then tried creating a hypothetical situation where Trump wakes up only to find himself as a brown person.

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He ended his banter by adding, “I don’t know if Prime Minister Khan will turn out to be exactly like President Trump. All I’m saying is that if you’re planning to move to Pakistan to escape Trump, you might want to pick some place else.”

Trevor Noah on Imran Khan

He branded the two world leaders ‘twins’. (Image: YouTube/Comedy Central)

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan was recently elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, right after the former PM Nawaz Sharif was jailed on charges of corruption. Khan is currently being lauded as one of the few world leaders who have refused all state luxuries.

His mandate promises a focus on the poor, the minorities and the women, as well as a new, transparent system of governance. He has also placed special emphasis on areas like education and tourism – those often deemed to have been ignored by past leaders

Many within Pakistan and around the world are looking forward to Khan bringing forth what he calls ‘a new Pakistan’. Amidst this situation, Trevor Noah’s satire does not seem to have settled well with Khan’s supporters.

Many took to Twitter to bash the comedian for his ‘inaccurate’ and ‘flawed’ comparison, some even accusing him of using Khan for ‘ratings’. Others saw him as ‘an American being threatened by an independent Muslim leader’, while many criticized him for being ignorant of the ‘progressiveness’ Khan has brought to Pakistan.

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Watch the full segment:

Noah has not yet commented on the backlash.

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