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A rare and beautiful pink sky preceding a storm left the residents of Sydney in complete awe

by Rahma Altaf

Sydney’s sky turned into a beautiful pink color just before it was hit with a massive cold storm on June 19.

Parts of Australia experienced one of the worst weather conditions this month. Sydney was hit with heavy downpours and destructive rainfall while Melbourne was reported as the coldest city on the planet.

One user took to Twitter and shared a picture of the heavy rainfall. The user wrote, “Heavy rain with severe cold weather in Sydney.”

sydney weather

Sydney was hit with a storm. (Image source: Twitter)

However, a few minutes before the storm, the sky transformed into a spectacular shade of pink – a dark millennial pink. Residents of Australia all over took to Twitter and Instagram to post incredible pictures of the sky. Many posted photos of the pink sky right before chaos hit. On user posted a picture of a busy street, with the sky so pink that it colored the buildings and the roads.

This was about 15 minutes before a huge downpour, right on nightfall. No filter. Sydney weather has attitude #betterthanvivid #newtown #kingstreet #sydneysunset #sydneystorm #sunset #lilacsky #millennialpink #sydney #lifeisshortsydney

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?. #pinkpower #sydney #operahouse

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And leaving #sydney and the crazy weather. #homewardbound #myislandhome #tasmania #weatherechoesmymood #qantas #a330200

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Sunset before storm

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Others posted short clips of the phenomenal colored sky and clouds. One user captioned the video in her native language, but it translated to how she captured the beautiful Sydney sky and glow, a bit of thunder, and lightning shower all in one video.

병 주고 약 주는 시드니의 SKY ? 예쁜 노을 보여주더니 천둥번개소나기 쓰리콤보를 빠밤!?

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Others posted pictures of the scene after the storm had passed. One user posted a picture of the sunrise at Bondi Beach, with the waves just touching the shore as people took their morning walks.

She captioned the picture, “After the storm. Beautiful, soft, fairy floss skies this morning after that huge storm last night! Gosh I love watching the sunrise!”

After the storm ? Beautiful, soft, fairy floss skies this morning after that huge storm last night! Gosh I love watching the sunrise! #bondibeach #ilovesydney ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ #sydneysunrise #sydneybeaches #sydneysunriseclub #bondilife #bondilocal #northbondi #wymtm #visualsoflife #visitnsw #newsouthwales #sky_sultans #sky_australia #sky_brilliance #wow_australia2018 #ig_australia #australiagram #YourShotPhotographer #madeofocean #surfsup #mysurflife #nikonaustralia #ig_aussiepix #lifeofaustralia

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After the storm, Australia experienced extremely cold temperatures. Melbourne dropped to -4 degrees Celsius while the temperature in Victoria dropped to -9 degrees Celsius.

Rose Barr, a Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) meteorologist reported to Daily Mail Australia“There were pretty chilly temperatures over the southern ranges and other elevated peaks.” She also added that some regions were more wet than cold, “It was more rainy along the coast …. the current forecast for the Sydney region is between 8 and 25mml.”

She then stated her observation that the more isolated places experienced heavier rainfalls. She said, “We could see more isolated locations with heavier showers along the coast will see a little more rainfall, more than Richmond or Penrith.”

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