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Mother implores airline crew to open airplane doors as her infant suffocates following lack of air-conditioning on a delayed flight

by Umey Aimen

A PIA flight PK 750 from Paris to Islamabad was delayed for two hours before take off on August 3. The delay resulted in not only frustration and arguments, but also in a child suffocating.

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Passengers had already boarded the plane when it was announced that the flight was delayed – while the air conditioning was allegedly non-functional. A video went viral on social media showing a traumatized mother yelling at the airplane staff to open the doors of the plane as her one-month-old infant had fallen unconscious due to lack of oxygen.

Pakistan International Airlines

Image Source: Twitter/PIA

The video shows the woman shouting at the staff, “For God’s sake, tell them to open the door!”

The PIA staff refused, claiming that it is not within their control to take such a measure.

“If it was in my control, I would have done that. The airport staff is responsible for this problem. They are the handling agents. Until a new flight plan is designed, the plane cannot take off,” said the airplane personnel to the woman.

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Other passengers can be seen supporting the woman and asking for the doors to be opened, shaming the airplane staff. The plane was already delayed when it arrived from Milan to Paris, before taking off for Islamabad.

The video has now gotten a lot of social media attention. In response to the shared video, the national airline’s press statement has revealed that they are probing the incident in all seriousness:

“The President and CEO PIA has taken immediate and serious notice and has asked for detailed inquiry into the matter,” they said in a statement.

Image source: Twitter

The official release by PIA states that the flight was delayed for 30 minutes while other sources reveal that it was delayed for two hours and 39 minutes. The PIA spokesperson said “there were some issues with the air conditioning system on the plane and with the timing of the flight” while ensuing that the matter is under investigation.

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The official statement by the airline. (Image source: Twitter/PIA)

According to an airline spokesperson, the plane was ready but the airport traffic control did not provide clearance. Addressing the issue of not opening doors, he said that it would have violated the safety standards that they have to follow.

The infant was shifted to the other portion of the plane, according to the spokesperson. The official statement also indicated that they are following up with the infant’s family and he is dong well.

Pakistan International Airlines

Image source: Twitter/PIA

Everyone wholly appreciated their gesture but, at the same time, the airline is getting bashed for not providing quality service.

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