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Honor killing in Pakistan: Woman killed by husband after refusing to quit job
A woman in Pakistan was killed in the name of 'honor' only because she refused to quit the job her patriarchal husband was forcing her to leave.

A man murdered his wife in the name of honor in Manga Mandi, a relatively conservative district in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

37-year-old Nasreen Bibi, a mother of three, was found dead in her house by her children and neighbors. She was allegedly killed after her husband ‘forbade’ her to work, and she refused to quit her job.

honor killing

Protest art/representational image. (Image source: Instagram)

The police later arrived at the scene, accompanied by forensic experts. They collected the evidences, interviewed the witnesses and heard accounts of the neighbors and the victim’s children. They later shifted the body to the city morgue for an autopsy.

honor killing in pakistan

Protest art against honor killings. (Image source: Instagram)

Nasreen, who worked as a laborer in a nearby factory in Lahore, was being forced to quit the job – but she persisted.


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Saddar Division Superintendent of Police (SP), Maher Mumtaz, supervised the investigation. The police have now confirmed that Nasreen Bibi was indeed killed by her husband, Afraheem, in the name of ‘honor’. After witness accounts, it was found out that the victim was asleep in her house when her husband locked the room  and allegedly attacked her with a chopper.

The husband managed to escape while the children resorted to the help of some neighbors and opened the room – only to find Nasreen’s brutally murdered body. A thorough investigation is being carried out and two police teams are currently in search of the killer.

honor killing in pakistan

Locals protest over the trend of ‘honor killing’ in Pakistan. (Image source: Instagram)

Nasreen is one of the countless women killed in the name of honor in Pakistan. The country has the highest volume of documented and estimated honor killings – about 1/5th of all honor killings in the world.

Several human rights agencies and feminist movements are actively working against such atrocities carried out in the name of honor.


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