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Children are now allowed to choose their own gender in Australia
Five states in Australia have officially passed the laws that allow citizens, including trans people and children, to officially change their gender.

Five states in Australia have officially passed the laws that allow citizens, including trans people and children, to change their gender on their birth certificate.

Children gender Australia
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Victoria is the fifth Australian state to pass the new law on August 27. After a debate, the state’s council voted 26:14 in favor of the bill, and it will become law after royal assent.

Equality Australia tweeted, “We did it! Birth certificate reform has passed in Victoria. Victoria joins Tas, NT, SA and the ACT in passing laws that make it easier for people to update their birth certificates without facing unnecessary and invasive medical interventions.”

The change essentially means that all trans and gender-diverse people can change their birth certificate to reflect what they identify with. A reassignment surgery will not be required for the change to be made. Previously, the surgery was required.


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Children gender Australia
(Image source: Instagram/ Pride)

The Australian reported that people can nominate their own sex, adding that Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages can refuse descriptions that are obscene, offensive or “not reasonably established as a sex descriptor’”.

The person who wants to make a change has to make a statutory declaration when nominating their sex. They must also include a statement from an adult who has known the applicant for more than 12 months. Children must have permission from parents and a psychologist or doctor saying the decision is not detrimental to the child.

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Liberal MP Bernie Finn, “There are two genders. Of the two genders, there is the male – there is homosexual inclination and various paedophilic inclinations, there are a whole range of inclinations, and we could go on with that for quite some time. But in terms of gender, there are only two genders: male and female.”

He added, “I do not want a man who claims to be a woman to get a birth certificate which says that he is a woman. I do not want him to get that birth certificate and use that as a way to molest women, to molest young girls, as some inevitably will.”

A lighthouse in Byron Bay, NSW, the most easterly point of Australia. (Rio Helmi/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and the ACT have already approved the change.

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