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CDC Speaks Against Vaping as Severe Lung Illness Cases Double
CDC urge people to avoid vaping as the number of cases with severe lung illness doubled from over 200 to 450 last week and number of deaths increases to 5.

CDC urge people to avoid vaping as the number of cases with severe lung illness doubled from over 200 to 450 last week and number of deaths increases to 5.

CDC Vaping Lung Illness
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The total number of deaths that are linked to vaping has now increased to five. The Centers for Disease Control investigated the 450 cases of severe lung illness that have increased from 200 in just one week.

There have been two deaths reported previously in Illinois and Oregon. Additionally, 3 more deaths were confirmed in Indiana, California, Minnesota on Friday.

In the CDC’s briefing, an update was reported on the severe lung illnesses which is connected to e-cigarette use. The incident manager, Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman stated, “While this investigation is ongoing, people should consider not using e-cigarette products.”


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CDC Vaping Lung Illness
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Dr Dana added, “People who do use e-cigarette products should monitor themselves for symptoms, for example, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea and vomiting — and promptly seek medical attention for any health concerns.”

The federal health organization has urged to stop Americans from using e-cigarettes.The federal health organization, Food and Drug Administration and state officials are currently investigating the respiratory problems which impacted residents in total 33 states and one jurisdiction.

The CDC reported on Friday that they have observed trends in the cases. Majority of the 450 cases involved an individual between the ages of 18 and 25. They were initially thought to have a pneumonia-like infection which then resulted to be a pulmonary illness.

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However, the CDC also added that they are still unsure of what the exact substance or chemical is common in these cases. The patients used a large variety of vaping products. Some products consisted of e-cigarettes with only nicotine, or others consisted of marijuana-based products.

Moreover, the acting deputy director for noninfectious diseases at CDC, Ileana Arias, stated, “we are getting a clearer focus … and the investigation is narrowing.” while Dr. Dana said the “lung illnesses are likely associated with a chemical exposure.”

The director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, Mitch Zeller also commented on the issue. He said that from the 120 samples that had been collected to observe the E acetate present in the products, not all of them contained t acetate.

“No one substance or compound, including vitamin E acetate, has been identified in all the samples tested,” he said.

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