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Woman jumps on luggage belt assuming that it would take her to the plane
Woman jumps on luggage belt assuming it would take her to her destined plane. Here's the hilarious footage of the clueless first time flyer that went viral.

Woman jumps on luggage belt assuming it would take her to the plane. Here’s the hilarious footage of the first time flyer.

Woman jumps on luggage belt

(Image source: Instagram/Alex Macheras)

A first-time flyer climbed onto the luggage belt at her airport rather than walking to her terminal and boarding the plane. The hilarious CCTV footage released from an Istanbul airport has gone viral.

As the woman naively steps onto the belt after checking her luggage on the counter, she falls on her back while being swept away along with the luggage of the rest of the passengers.

Employees rushed to help the poor woman.


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Here’s the CCTV footage of the incident:

There are many more hysterical flight incidents reported by people. Whether it be passengers with a fear of flying or odd reasons passengers have been kicked out of the plane for. Here are a few incidents that are as funny as the poor woman jumping onto the luggage belt.

Irish man’s first flight

Conor Gibbons, an Irish lad couldn’t handle the first flight he took to Munich. His friend, Mark Reilly shared with JOE that Gibbons was experiencing his first time flying out of the country. The video his friends recorded of his reaction speaks for itself.

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“Where’s the playroom?”

Dan Boland, a pilot, and Co-founder of HolidayPromoCode.com reported that parents who fly for the first time ask an odd question every time. Parents traveling with their children on large planes assume their kids can relax and play with toys during the flight.

In Dan’s case, on a plane accommodating 335 passengers, Dan shared, “They ask me where the playroom is and I have to break the news.”

Kids on Planes

(Image source: Instagram/ esrasmiles)

Baby in Overhead bin

Flight attendant Farida Boland, reported that she once heard a baby crying as she and her colleagues were finishing safety briefing. After some inspection, she figured the muffled cries were coming from the overhead luggage bins.

To her dismay, a passenger had placed their baby in a bassinet and snug it into the overhead bin without being noticed. Farida believed this wasn’t a sign of a bad mother.

Baby in bed

(Image source: Instagram/ babies.wall)

Instead, it was common for some first-time flyers to assume the overhead bin isn’t just a place to store carry-on luggage, but these inexperienced passengers from some cultures misunderstand it as a suitable place for their babies to sleep in.

The flight attendant then handed the baby back to his confused mother.

Passenger’s jeans

Male jeans

(Image source: Pinterest/ iehrb)

One passenger traveling with Spirit Airlines to Orlando from Chicago was asked to step off the flight due to his “excessively low” jeans. The attire was inappropriate, as the jeans fell below his backside.

A spokesperson from the airline stated, “It was to the point where his entire bottom was hanging out. And that’s not appropriate.”

Feeling offended, the passenger apparently became “unruly and aggressive” before he was removed from the flight.

Spirit Airlines

(Image source: Instagram/ Spirit Airlines)

Lack of legroom

Alexander Kimerov, a professional athlete who was around 7ft was removed from a flight for being too tall. After an argument with the flight attendant who complained the athlete was blocking the aisle with his massive figure, he was escorted off the plane by police officers.

The volleyball player then requested the airline Pobeda for a seat upgrade with some more legroom. However, his request was denied.

Hopefully, the woman had a safe flight after the hilarious misunderstanding!


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