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US Therapists say ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ is real; there is a rise in patients presenting with the illness

by Umey Aimen

It has been found that therapists across United States of America have been dealing with patients known to have ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’. This disorder involves patients feeling loss of hope and crippling anxiety as though the world is ending and things are falling apart. 

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trump anxiety disorder

The new disorder is unofficial but ‘real’, say therapists. (Image source: Getty Images)

Although unofficially, therapists have coined this term as the ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’. Most people that are coming for treatment have their anxieties, anger and paranoia stemming from the political turmoil within the United States of America, especially the President’s policies. One of the key symptoms of this disorder is the feeling as though the world is about to end.

Donald Trump's star

US President Donald Trump during a speech. (Image source: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

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United States of America is currently being deemed as among the most divided countries in the whole world. Alt right, centrists, left wing parties and citizens endorsing respective ideologies are all in the field. At the same time, critics are commenting that the President of the United States is leaving no stone unturned in adding more distress to his countrymen’s lives. A huge amount of people are turning in to take therapy and medication. Presidents Trump’s social media, especially his Twitter account, is usually known for ‘tweet triggering’.

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His tweet addressing the Iranian President Rouhani caused a worldwide stir, causing distress for the citizens of his own country. According to a recent article published by the CBC News, there has been a great increase in the amount of patients who have their anxieties rooting and stemming from political traumas within their country.

Furthermore, in February last year, American Psychological Association conducted a survey and issued that 52 percent of Americans reported that the presidential election was a significant source of stress.

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