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After Michigan, the State of New York is Also Introducing Vaping Ban
New York State has implemented a vaping ban wherein it has banned flavored vaping products. This makes NY the second state to do so after Michigan state.

New York has implemented a vaping ban wherein flavored vaping products are banned following the deaths that are being linked with the use of e-cigarettes along with mysterious lung diseases.

New York State, After Michigan State, Is Also Introducing Vaping Ban
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State Governor Andrew Cuomo has already issued a warning stating that vaping was dangerous while advising against flavors that are currently available for sale.

He further added that he was concerned about the fruity e-liquids as he believes that they are encouraging young people to get hooked on nicotine. While announcing his plans about a statewide ban, he said, “These are obviously targeted to young people and highly effective at targeting young people.”

The news comes after a number of mysterious and lethal lung disease that has been said to be linked to vaping in 2019.


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So far in 2019, six persons have been reported dead in the US because of vaping-related lung illnesses. The latest death was of a person living in Kansas and in their 50s. The person was in the hospital with “symptoms that progressed rapidly.”

However, it has also been reported that the person had a history of health issues.

New York State, After Michigan State, Is Also Introducing Vaping Ban
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There have also been reports of more than 450 persons that were either in their teens or 20s – otherwise healthy – that ended up in hospitals and were suffering from breathing difficulties. Some of these patients were already suffering from fever, fatigue, and vomiting for a couple of days before ending up at the hospital. Some of these patients ended up in the intensive care unit on a ventilator for a couple of weeks.

Different investigators are still trying to figure out what has caused this particular illness. In the meantime, health officials are warning people against purchasing vaping products from the street or the ones that are relying on marijuana-derived oil.

Health officials have also warned people against inhaling vitamin E acetate – an ingredient that is commonly found in vaping products. Howard Zucker – New York State’s health commissioner – will be formally banning the flavored e-cigarettes apart from tobacco and menthol. The vaping ban will be announced during an emergency meeting of the state’s Public Health and Health Planning Council this week.

New York State, After Michigan State, Is Also Introducing Vaping Ban
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As per the state law, the council is capable of voting to issue or amend certain regulations that can affect public health. New York would become the second state in the nation to impose a vaping ban after the state of Michigan. Michigan state imposed a vaping ban earlier this month as well. However, that is not where the story of vape ban ends.

Last week on Wednesday, the Trump administration detailed its plans that will see to the removal of all flavored e-cigarettes from store shelves. Sales of e-cigarettes are already prohibited in New York to people who are under eighteen years of age. This age limit will be bumped up to 21 in November. Andrew Cuomo has also said that he has told the police to enhance enforcement against sales to people who are below the required legal age.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was also responsible for increasing the smoking age to 21 during the start of this year throughout the state. At the start of this month, he signed a mandate thus making it compulsory for anti-tobacco campaigns to include vaping as well. Vaping company Juul said in response to Trump’s vape ban, ‘We strongly agree with the need for aggressive category-wide action on flavored products and will fully comply with local laws and the final FDA policy when effective.’

Despite the vaping ban in New York and Michigan, a scientific link has not been drawn between the deaths and vaping.


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