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Life threatening mosquito carrying brain swelling disease in Delaware

by Asfa

WATCH OUT: there is apparently a life threatening mosquito carrying a brain swelling disease in Delaware. There is no cure for the virus carried by this mosquito.

Brain Swelling Disease Delaware
(Image source: Delmarva Public Radio)

The eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is a mosquito that was first detected in Massachusetts in 1831. It is a relative of the equine encephalitis, which is one of WHO’s 37 most dangerous public health threats.

Brain swelling disease in Delaware

The mosquito has been detected in Delaware, and health officials have been warning people in the city to avoid collecting water. Mosquitoes nest in water and so are drawn to any body of it. The state is currently considering fogging the affected areas to redunce the chance of any affectees.

They revealed that chickens in New Castle, Kent and Sussex have contracted EEE. They said, “No human or equine cases of EEE or [West Nile virus] have been reported to date this year in Delaware.” EEE has not been spotted outside Eastern US.

EEE Symptoms

The mosquito leaves those it bites with brain swelling and brain damage. The damage is permanent and there is no cure for it.

It kills about 5-10 humans each years, and the virus it carries kills a third of all sufferers. However, most people that are bitten by the mosquito do not develop symptoms.

The US Center for Disease Control said those who do develop symptoms should look out for a sudden headache, fever, chills and vomiting. The Center has said that although it is a rare disease, it has a higher fatality risk than the more common West Nile Virus.

Since 2009, there have been 72 cases and 30 deaths. There is no known cure for this disease.

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You can find out how to keep yourself safe against this virus right here.

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