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Goats Save Reagan Library from California Wildfire
500 goats have unknowingly saved California's Ronald Reagan Library from a wildfire on Wednesday after eating the flammable scrub.

Goats are the unknowing heroes in the California Wildfire.

Goats California Wildfire
(Image source: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

500 goats ate flammable scrub around the hilltop complex earlier this week. The fire surrounded the library and came less than 50 feet from a former President’s Boeing 707.

The scrub the goats ate caused a break in the fire. It allowed firefighters to come in to the scene and break the fire. They were able to save valuable monuments such as an Air Force One jet and a piece of the Berlin Wall.

A library spokeswoman Melissa Giller said,“We were told by one of the fire fighters that they believe that fire break made their job easier. The brush only went so far, it didn’t reach the library, because the goats ate it all.”


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“All the flames are gone, all we see are charred hillsides. We feel the worst is over and the Reagan library is safe,” she said.

Goats California Wildfire
(Image source: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

On Tuesday, Los Angeles’ J. Paul Getty Museum was saved by scrub clearance as well. The museum has papers from Reagan’s 1981-1989. Him and his wife Nancy are also buried there. The Reagan Foundation hired the goats from 805 Goats to clear 13 hectares of scrub.

805 Goats’ company owner Scott Morris charges $1000 per cleared acre. He said, “At the end of the day, you kind of sit down and say ‘wow, we had an impact.” His company also rescued 100 goats in a burning barn.

Morris also said he would have to double his stock now due to rising fires. The California Wildfire in question is being referred to as the Easy Fire. It burned around 1650 acres and forced 30,000 people to evacuate.

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