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Trans Dad Who Gave Birth To Son Says Pregnancy Was "F***ing Awful"
A transgender dad who gave birth to a son is revealing it all about fatherhood in a new documentary: he says pregnancy was a "f***ing awful" experience.

In a new documentary, a dad who gave birth to a son says his experience of pregnancy was “f***ing awful”.

Dad birth son pregnancy
(Image source: BBC/ Seahorse)

A new BBC documentary titled Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth follows a transgender father who went through pregnancy and labor. Freddy McConnell has a unique fatherhood experience which most people are not familiar with.

The 32 year old got pregnant after his transition into a man in 2013. He had used a sperm donor before, and had decided to keep his womb upon transitioning.

He had to stop taking testosterone in order to carry his child. His facial hair became thinner and his hips broadened after he stopped taking the hormone. He even started having periods again.


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Dad birth son pregnancy
(Image source: BBC/ Seahorse)

During the documentary, Freddy broke down due to the mental challenges of having a child in such a state. He said he felt like a “f***ing alien.”

The English born said, “I think I totally underestimated the difficulty of being on camera and being filmed a lot. I remember thinking, ‘This is really odd, I’ll get used to it,’ but I never got used to it. This is a film about me having a baby. But what I feel like I’m going through isn’t me having a baby or pregnancy, it’s a much more fundamental total loss of myself.”

(Image source: BBC/ Seahorse)

McConell told Sky News, “Out in public, and in terms of strangers I didn’t ever get recognised as a trans man who was carrying his own baby or was pregnant. It’s amazing, actually; the kind of invisibility… the invisibility out in the world was a kind of protection. I think people just thought that I was a man with a beer belly, and I was absolutely fine and happy for people to assume that.”

Freddy said he hopes this film will be a teaching experience. He said, “I think if we keep being given this misinformation, even now that we know that’s it not true and that there are further options… it’s criminal, it just shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

(Image source: BBC/ Seahorse)

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This dad’s unique experience with pregnancy and giving birth to a son will play on BBC iPlayer.

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