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Active Shooter Possibly INSIDE Chicago Mall: Man Smashes Into Stores
An active shooter is suspected to be inside a Chicago mall as an SUV was filmed driving through Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.

The potential active shooter is terrifying shoppers in a Chicago mall.

Chicago Mall Active Shooter
A suspect active shooter is in a Chicago Mall. (Image source: Facebook/ S2 Strategic Defense)

The incident took place on a Friday at Woodfield mall in Schaumburg. A suspect was seen driving around the mall in an SUV in a rampage. Fox 32 initially reported the situation.

Video footage from the situation showed terrifying shoppers trying to dodge the unnamed male driver. He entered the scene through the doors of Sears. He then drove through the mall, scaring the shoppers. His SUV destroyed Forever 21 and Hollister’s main doors.

He eventually crashed into a pillar, and was arrested before being led away in handcuffs. It is not clear what his intentions were, or whether he was under the influence of any kind of intoxicants.


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Chicago Mall Active Shooter
The male driver crashed through the mall in an SUV, damaging storefronts and crashing into pillars. (Image source: Facebook/ Lateef Farouqi)

One panicked witness named Nikko Danz told The Chicago Tribune, “To see all the panic, it was definitely frightening. You hear about this stuff on the news all the time, and wouldn’t expect it to come so close to where you live. It’s a messed up situation.”

Jonathan Galingan said, “All of a sudden, we just see people bolting across our store, bolting into our store. They were yelling, “active shooter!” We all panicked and were in shock, so we started escorting people toward our backdoor.”

Galingan’s colleague then had to lead shoppers out the back exit. He said, “I was thinking of the children that were coming in, being yanked by their parents.”

The suspect active shooter at the Chicago mall has not yet been identified.

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