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Thomas Markle reveals how Prince Harry asked for Meghan's hand
Thomas Markle recently gave a tell-all interview and revealed what he told Prince Harry when he asked for permission to marry Meghan.

A month after not being able to attend the Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, gave his first ‘tell all’ television interview to Good Morning Britain. He revealed intimate details about his relationship with his daughter and the Prince.  

Royal Wedding

Thomas Markle has appeared on the media again. (Image source: Journal Post, Getty Images)

Thomas Markle is still recovering from the heart surgery that prevented him from walking Meghan down the aisle on her Wedding day, but he said he is ‘doing much better’ now.

Although the Duchess’ father is yet to meet his new son in law face-to-face, Markle revealed, “We’ve had interesting conversations over the phone.” He also called Prince Harry a ‘very nice man, gentleman, and very likable’.

According to his interview, Meghan first told her father about the proposal, but later, Prince Harry officially asked her father for permission to marry his daughter via a phone call. Markle said, “Harry got on the phone with Meghan. They told me together, and Harry asked for her hand over the phone.”

On asking Markle for his blessing to marry his daughter, her father asked him to make one promise. “You’re a gentleman,” he said. “Promise me you’ll never raise a hand against my daughter and of course I give you my permission.”


Harry asked Thomas Markle for permission to marry Meghan over the phone (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Royal)

Thomas warns Harry to never raise his hand on his daughter (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Royal)

He also commented on his daughter getting married to the Prince, saying, “Of course it comes out as a ‘wow,’ but this is my daughter. My daughter is certainly a prize for him as well. Yeah, he’s great, he’s an interesting guy, he’s a prince, but my daughter’s been a princess since the day she was born. I don’t have a problem with that.”

Thomas Markle said, “My daughter was always a Princess.”(Image source: Twitter/Kensington Royal)

Some viewers were not pleased with by his response to Prince Harry and took to Twitter to express their views. Others believed Mr. Markle should have simply stayed clear of the media after being involved in previous scandals. Good Morning Britain was also criticized and accused of conducting the interview only for ratings.

Other social media users jumped to his defense, describing him a ‘good man’ and arguing that he is simply naive and is being taken advantage of by the media.

Thomas said he had ‘no idea’ that being in the media spotlight could be so complicated.

“Having the press at my door and following me at my door, yeah that kind of becomes an invasion a bit,” he said. Despite the intense attention from the media, Thomas trusts his daughter and said she is ‘capable of anything and she’ll certainly be a compliment to the royal family.’

Meghan Markle’s Father talks about his son-in-law in an exclusive interview(Image source: Twitter/Kensington Royal)

He expressed his willingness to adjust to the media’s attention towards the Markle family and told Good Morning Britain“Though my other family members are somewhat disturbed, but here again, it’s a compliment. My daughter is now seen all over the world as a Duchess. I’m very proud of her. I’ll adjust to this.”


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