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Apple company becomes the world's first trillion dollar company
Apple, a company that was founded some 42 years ago by two friends, marks history today by making an estimated amount of 1 trillion dollars.

Apple, a mobile giant and computing company beats Amazon after its shares hit  $207.05, breaking all historical records of any former company. Amazon was on top in terms of their shares worldwide but their closest competitors Apple finally beat them on Thursday. 

The company that was set by two Mavericks named Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs some 42 years ago is now one of the largest selling mobile and computing companies in the world.

Entrepreneur Visionaries Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. (Image Source: Instagram/@wealthofgreatness )

Earlier on Thursday, they not only beat Amazon but also set a historical record after their shares hit $207.5. Apple’s share price has grown 2,000% since Tim Cook replaced Jobs at chief executive in 2011.


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