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Plumbers discover a two-day-old baby found flushed down a toilet in Indian clinic, parents of the newborn still missing

by Myra E.

A two-day-old baby’s body was discovered flushed down a toilet at a home clinic in Kerala, India. Plumbers found the dead infant when called in to unclog the toilet. Parents of the newborn are currently missing.

On Friday, Dr Abdul Rehman called in plumbers to fix a clogged toilet in his house-clinic in Perinthalmanna town in Kerala’s Pallakand district. His domestic workers thought water in the toilet was dark due to mud b,ut plumbers discovered the real reason was blood in the commode. While unclogging the toilet, the plumbers discovered the body of the two-day-old baby stuck in the duct, with its placenta intact.

two-day-old baby

Horrific discovery of a baby in a toilet bowl in India. (Image source: NDTV)

two-day-old baby

The two-day-old baby’s head was found stuck in the duct of the toilet. (Image source: Twitter)

The baby was found with its placenta intact and the question of whether it was delivered in the toilet or dumped there after birth was raised among the authorities. Police further investigated and went through clinic records to narrow down the search for the baby’s parents. They suspected the baby’s parents may have brought the tot into the clinic under the pretense of a consultation and then flushed him/her down the toilet.

Dr Abdul Rehamn runs a house-clinic in Perinthalmanna town in Kerala’s Pallakand district. (Image source: Google Maps)

two-day-old baby

The clinic was in the doctor’s home. (Image source: NDTV)

two-day-old baby

Crowds gather outside the clinic in Kerala, India. (Image source: NDTV)

A sub-inspector from Nattukal Police Station told TheNewsMinute that there was no foul smell in the toilet, as the baby’s body had not decomposed yet. The body has now been sent to Thrissur Medical College for an autopsy. Police told NDTV, “Investigations are underway. We are analysing the records, but we haven’t been able to identify her parents yet.”

Etihad Airways Boeing 777 stands on a runway (Image source: FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

A few months ago, a baby was found dumped in an airplane toilet on an Etihad flight. The airplane cleaners found the baby wrapped in a plastic bag. Police suspected the infant was born mid-flight and arrested the mother when the airplane landed.

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