Twitter does not believe Adam Ellis's story of Dear David Haunting him
Adam Ellis has returned to Twitter to describe more developments to his horror story. Dear David has returned to haunt Adam.

A regular New Yorker, Adam Ellis, has gained a lot of following on Twitter because of his paranormal experiences. Adam claims that a ghost of a dead child is haunting him.

He also posts pictures of the child on Twitter regularly. However, recently people are not buying his story calling it “made up” or “fake.”

Dear David

Adam posts a picture from his haunted apartment. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Adam regularly posts about weird things happening around his house. People on Twitter look forward to Adam’s posts to see whats going to happen next.

Adam’s story began when he tweeted, “So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child, and he’s trying to kill me. He started appearing in dreams, but I think he’s crossed over into the real world now.”


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This was followed by multiple ghostly activities around his apartment. Chairs would rock on their own in his house, and things would fall off shelves.

Adam also shared horrifying pictures of the ghost child, also known as “Dear David” roaming around his room when he would be asleep! The child has a very creepy misshapen head.

Dear David

Adam’s impression of Dear David. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Adam has now come back to Twitter after a long time with a series of developments to his “Dead David” experiences.

Adam revealed that he had been MIA from Twitter because he was trying to investigate something.

He then revealed that he discovered a new, mysterious part of his apartment. He even drew diagrams to explain to his audience what he was trying to investigate precisely.

Dear David

Adam draws an image of the mysterious space in his house. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Additionally, Adam discovered three feet of empty space between his roof and hatch that existed in his hallway. Adam posted, “I’ve always known about it, but I just assumed it opened directly to the roof.”

Dear David

The hatch in Adam’s hallway. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Adam is investigating this area of his house because he heard unusual noises coming from there.

He posted, “over the past week and a half; I’ve been hearing more things above me. A few days after the first sound, I heard a similar thump while I was in the kitchen. Then last night, I heard something small clink to the floor and roll about 6 feet before stopping.”

Dear David

There is a 3 feet gap between the hatch and Adam’s apartment roof. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Moreover, he said, “Something is going on up there. Maybe it’s a raccoon? But maybe it’s not. I also can’t get over the fact that hatch is in such a weird, inaccessible place, over the stairs. I need to investigate; I’m just not sure how right now.”

Dear David

A shoe fell from the mysterious area in Adam’s house. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

A few days later, while Adam was investigating the noises something dropped from the hatch. He picked it up and saw that “it was a small leather shoe.”

Adam even asked his landlord to investigate, but he said nothing was there except a marble.

Dear David

Adam also found a marble in the mysterious space in his house. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Could Dead David be living in the strange space? Who knows!

Adam then disappeared from Twitter again for a while just to make a comeback three days ago with disturbing news. He told his followers that he was having weird dreams and not sleeping well.

Dear David

Adam had not been sleeping well. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Moreover, a few days ago Adam again felt something staring at him in his sleep. When he woke up to check, he was all alone in his room. However, he said that he always had this sinking feeling when David was around.

Followers on Twitter believe that maybe the ghost child is friendly and looking for help. However, Adam disagrees. He says “Every time he shows up, I feel a palpable sense of malice.”

Adam kept feeling uncomfortable in his sleep for more nights to follow. To see what was happening, Adam downloaded an application on his phone, which would click pictures after every 60 seconds and placed his phone on top of his bookcase for the night.

He again woke with unease and rushed to get his phone. The phone had clicked around 350 pictures. Some of the images to his horror had “Dead David” in his room again!

The ghost child would be standing on a chair and looking up at the ceiling.

Dear David

Dear David staring at the ceiling. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

In another photo, he looks collapsed in the chair and then disappears in the next photos.

Dear David

Dear David collapsed in a chair. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Adam was utterly horrified to see that in some of the pictures, “Dear David” is standing right next to him on the mattress staring at him while he sleeps.

Dear David

Dear David is standing right next to Adam on his mattress. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

In the final pictures, David seemed to have realized he was being watched by a camera. The boy is staring right at the camera.

Dear David

Dear David stares right into the camera. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Finally, in the last picture, David is right next to the camera. We can only see his hair and deformed ear. Creepy!

Dear David

Dear Davis spotted right next to the camera. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

While some people are loving the “Dead David” drama, others do not buy it at all.

One of the followers thinks he is secretly working for BuzzFeed. She says, “So here’s the thing…we have never…as a society seen ghosts this clear in any form of media. So here’s the thing: this dude is an artist, and he works for @BuzzFeed, there’s publicity in this. @BuzzFeed also has a paranormal segment now…#coincidence?”

Dear David

A follower thinks Adam secretly works for BuzzFeed. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Another says, “This is a great narrative, but it’s just that, it has too many threads for it to be real. Also, based on Adam’s background, he’s clearly the creative type. You can’t tell me he doesn’t know how to use Photoshop or video editing. Never the less, it’s very well done & entertaining.”

Dear David

A follower think Adam is creative and the story is made up. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

A follower also tweeted that this was just a social experiment while others claim Dear David is a doll.

Dear David

People think this is a social experiment. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

Dear David

People think Dear David is actually a doll. (Source: Adam Ellis’s Twitter)

True or not, we are loving this story!


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