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Five-year-old boy gets an escort of 70 police officers at the school gate, after father dies in the line of duty

by Ali

5-year-old Dakota Pitts returned to school a week after his father was gunned down in the line of duty by a 21-year-old suspect. The little boy was escorted by 70 cops outside Sullivan Elementary in Indiana.

Dakota Pitts returned to school a week after his father was shot. (Image source: Twitter/Navniet Sekera)

Rob Pitts had served in the Indiana Police Department for 16 years until he was killed in action a week ago. Before returning to school, Dakota had asked his mother to request any of his father’s friend to drop him to school. The widow contacted Rob Pitts’ friends and relatives, and was in for a surprise.

70 police officers escorted the little man outside the elementary school. (Image source: Twitter/Navniet Sekera)

The boy was escorted by at least 70 Indiana officers from the Terre Haute Police Department waiting outside the elementary school. The child walked past the officers wearing his father’s police badge and, upon his arrival, was also given his very own SWAT t-shirt and police badge. They wanted Dakota to know they will always have his back.

Dakota was given his very own SWAT t-shirt. (Image source: Twitter/Navniet Sekera)

The police officers wanted Dakota to know that they’ve always got his back. (Image source: Twitter/Navniet Sekera)

Rob Pitts’ sister, Kelly Jones, was also present on the occasion. Speaking to WTHI, she said, “He will definitely know his dad was a hero. Blood doesn’t always make family. And I think the blue family went above and beyond.”

Rob Pitts was shot in the line of duty by a 21-year-old suspect. (Image source: Twitter/NYPD)

A week earlier, Dakota shared a special message for his father on the local station WTHI. He said, “Dear Dad, I love you and I miss you so much.”

Dakota shared a loving message to his father. (Image source: Twitter/Blue Alert)

Image source: Twitter/Blue Alert

Many people took to Twitter to express their regards for the fallen officer and the admirable act fellow officers had shown to honor Rob Pitts and his family.

Dakota is following his father’s footsteps and hopes to become a police officer some day.  All thanks to Pitts’ friends in blue, his son didn’t end up going back to school all by himself.

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