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Snapchat Introduces Group Video Calling and Tagging in Stories
Snapchat has rolled out a video calling feature for their 187 million users so that chatting on the app becomes synonymous with "hanging out" instead of texting.

Snapchat has rolled out a video calling feature for their 187 million users to enhance efforts that chatting on the app becomes synonymous with “hanging out” instead of texting.

Snap Inc. made the announcement on April 3 on their website. Source: Snap Inc.

Snap users base has been increasing this year. Source: Twitter

According to the website, up to 16 users will now be able to enter into a group video call using the app’s ‘Group Chat’ feature. Users who do not wish to use their cameras in the video call can choose to participate using voice or text only. Moreover, up to 32 people will now be able to conduct joint voice chats on Snapchat.

Snap Inc. wants the user experience on their app to feel more like hanging out and less like traditional texting. Source: Pixabay

During calls, users will also be able to use the Snapchat lenses, such as the ever popular rainbow-vomit.

Snapchat has been coming under fire lately for their new update which greatly changed the outlook of the app. Source: Pixabay

Another new feature has been introduced into the app by Snap Inc, the ability to tag or mention friends in stories using the “@” key. Friends who are tagged will receive a notification that they have been mentioned in a user’s story. People who view the tagged snap will be able to click on the mentioned user’s name and see their public stories.


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Snapchat is not the first app to introduce video calling features. Source: Pixabay

Similar video chat capabilities are already available on apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype and Whatsapp.

Social media apps like Snapchat, Messenger and Instagram are always looking for new ways to increase user base. Source: Pixabay

Facebook Messenger also has group video calling features. Source: Pixabay

Instagram has traditionally been quick to follow Snapchat in introducing new features. The same is expected of this new update as a recent analysis on Instagram’s code revealed that potential for voice and video calling features have been incorporated into it.

Instagram has been quick to replicate most of Snapchat’s features. Source: Pixabay

Tagging of friends in stories is a feature which is already available on Instagram. According to The Verge, Snap Inc. said that this feature will be particularly exciting for influencers and celebrities. It will give them the ability to tag companies or brands that they are promoting, allowing their followers to easily click-through to the company profile.

In order to make a voice call, a Group Chat of up to 16 people will have to be created. Source: Snap Inc.

Those who are camera shy can choose to use voice or text options during group video calls. Source: Snap Inc.

Snapchat user base has gone up by 18% over the last year. In attempts to garner more users, the app recently introduced a host of new features including Map Explore, Bitmoji customisation, Giphy integration, and custom face lenses.

Users will be able to use Snapchat lenses and filters during video calls. Source: Snap Inc.

Snapchat first introduced Group Chat and Video Chat in 2016; features that have been popular amongst users.

Users will be notified in the chat window when they are mentioned in someone else’s story. Source: Pixabay

Group Video chat is expected to start rolling out internationally this week.

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