Sportswoman slams actress for promoting body shaming beauty ads
Pakistani cricketer, Sana Mir, slammed Mahira Khan's recent beauty ad in promoting unrealistic beauty standards for women on field. On a Facebook post, she expressed how women don't need smooth skin, but strong arms on the field.

Pakistani cricketer, Sana Mi,r recently took on Facebook to lash out at the corporate media which objectifies women. This happened shortly after a multinational hair removal cream launched its new ad campaign.

Pakistani sportswoman, Sana Mir, slams down body-shaming ads on women on the field. (Image source: Instagram)

Sana Mir, senior Pakistani cricketer and the former captain of the cricket team, wrote a lengthy Facebook post regarding the new hair removal cream, Veet’s ad on her page. Her post reached over 250,000 likes.


Sana Mir posted a long status. (Image source: Facebook)

Mir lashed out at the corporate sponsors and celebrities who, according to her, only talk about objectification of women but fail to take a stand when the time comes. She wrote, “We see endless posts and statuses on social media expressing our anger. But when it’s time to walk the talk, I have seen very few sponsors or celebrities actually take a stand to support women being comfortable in their own skin.”


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She gave a message to aspiring sportswomen, “Make no mistake: you need strong arms, not smooth arms, on a sports field.”

The ad showed a Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan, playing basketball who ends up mesmerizing the other players by her smooth skin. Khan can be seen wearing a pink dress with styled hair-do during the game.

The ad features Pakistani celebrity Mahira Khan (Image source: YouTube)

Mir was concerned about how this ad made a girl conscious about her looks while she should be focusing on her game. This, she said, is how ‘we are promoting body shaming and objectification.’

In her post, she said, “The ad campaign that has finally pushed me to come forward with my concern is the latest campaign by a company promoting a hair removal cream.”

Are the talent, passion and skill of a girl not enough for her to play sports?” she aptly questioned.

Mahira Khan Playing against a sportswoman (Image source: YouTube)

Their soft skin of the celebrity brushes of the sportswoman’s arm. (Image source: YouTube)

The Sportswoman looks impressed. (Image source: YouTube)

The sportswoman also mentioned that many women have climbed the stairs to glory by their skill and not through their skin color or texture. She said that during her career she had rejected any such beauty endorsements because she wanted ‘young girls with a passion for sports to know that all they need for a practice session are the will to succeed, comfortable shoes and clothes, a water bottle and a cap if it’s hot.’

Mir also made a request at the end of her post to all sponsors and celebrities to ‘ensure that when we engage young girls to fulfill their dreams, we show them a path that gives them actual confidence rather than disabling them by making them self-conscious.’

She has received praise for her post by a number of people on Twitter.

Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

Mir wants the industry to not magnify a girl’s concern of her looks on the field but let her concentrate on her ‘strong arms’.


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