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Princess Charlotte makes history as the first princess to not be pushed aside by the birth of a younger brother

by Asfa

Princess Charlotte has made history with the birth of her baby brother. She is now the first female in line to the throne that has not had to step aside for the succession of her younger brother. 

Princess Charlotte

Yet others highlighted the redundancy of monarchy in modern times. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is the first royal to not get pushed down the line of inheritance due to the birth of her baby brother. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

In 2013, the Succession of the Crown Act passed, which made the 1701 Act of Settlement void. The latter stipulated that regardless of age, male heirs would take precedence over female heirs in the succession to the throne.

This means that Princess Charlotte, who is currently fourth in line after Prince George (born in 2013) would have moved to fifth in line with the birth of her baby brother. Because of the 2013 law, however, she gets to retain her place as the fourth in line to the throne.

Princess Charlotte

For many people, this change was extremely necessary and they are happy to see Princess Charlotte retaining her place in the line of succession. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

Princess Charlotte

Many argued the act from centuries ago should not have taken so long to change.  (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

People online were excited to see this change take place, although many pointed out that it was long overdue; an Act passed in 1701 should no longer be relevant in 2018 when it comes to civil rights, and the Royal Family is an institution that ‘must set an example’. Many also commented that with a female currently heading the throne, it should not have taken this long for the change to take place.

Others pointed out that the significance of the law was diminished by the fact that Princess Charlotte would never realistically make it to the throne, given that her grandfather, father and elder brother are all ahead of her in line.

Yet others talked about the fact that celebrating monarchies in 2018 was a redundant concept all together, and therefore not even worth celebrating.

The royal baby was born on the 23rd of April in St. Mary’s Hospital, where Charlotte and George were also born. The Duke of Cambridge was there to welcome his third child.

Princess Charlotte

The royal baby is the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton after Prince George and Princess Charlotte. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

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