Florida Shooting: Heroic Teenager Sacrificed His Life to Save Classmates
Peter Wang, 15, displayed immense courage during the Florida shooting as he held the door open long enough to buy time for his classmates to escape. In doing so, he was shot, leading to his unfortunate death.

Peter Wang, 15, displayed immense courage during the Florida shooting as he held the door open long enough to buy time for his classmates to escape. In doing so, he was shot to his unfortunate death. 

Peter Wang

Peter Wang was just 15 when he sacrificed his life for his class fellows. (Source: Facebook)

Wang was an active participant in the Royal Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program and was wearing his gray ROTC uniform when he was fatally shot. He fearlessly saved numerous lives by sacrificing his own. Some attributed his heroic actions to the drills and values he practiced in the ROTC program.

Wang aspired to become a top-class culinary chef. (Source: Facebook)

Wang aspired to become an international culinary chef. His elder cousin, 24-year-old Lin Chen, told Sun Sentinel that Wang was “so funny, caring and selfless.”

He had two younger brothers, aged 11 and 5, whilst his parents own a Chinese restaurant across the school’s street.


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He leaves two younger brothers whilst his parents are too aggrieved to talk about the tragic incident. (Source: Facebook)

Hundreds of tweeters have praised Wang’s bravery in the Florida shooting. One of the users tweeted, “I wish I could be half of the man as he was.”

A professor promised that she “will tell every semester your [Wang’s] story to students for the rest of my life.”

Peter was one of the 17 students to be killed in the horrific school shooting in Florida. (Source: Twitter)

Heroes like Peter Wang will hopefully not be forgotten in the future and their legacies be kept alive. (Source: Twitter)

His ROTC program fellows have also been credited with hiding and protecting dozens of children during the shooting. Colton Habb, one of his program fellow, told CNN that Wang “[was just] thinking about how I’m going to make sure everyone goes home to their parents safely.”

Tributes have been flowing in for the brave young man all over social media. (Source: Twitter)

Wang was one of the students killed in the deadly Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Valentine’s Day. The perpetrator of the act was Nikolas Cruz, 19, who had been recently expelled from the school.

Nikolas Cruz was the person behind the shooting in Florida. He had recently been expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons. (Source: MIGUEL GUTTIEREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Cruz pulled the fire alarm to bring students out of their classrooms just 15 minutes before the school was to be dismissed for the day. With the help of two magazines and AR-15 rifle, he then aimlessly opened fire at the students.

After the mass shooting, Cruz blended himself with the fleeing crowd to escape the scenario, but security footage instantly identified him as the shooter. He was soon taken into custody by the authorities before he could attempt a similar massacre at a nearby neighborhood. He has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.

Cruz was described as weapons enthusiast as he occasionally displayed knives and guns on instagram. (Source: Instagram/Nikolas Cruz)

Further investigations have revealed Cruz’s highly disturbing social media posts, which constantly involved violence, photos of open weapons and dead animals. A relative told the Florida Sun Sentinel that Cruz had been suffering from autism and severe depression.

According to CNBC, most of the deadliest shooting massacres have taken place in schools, with the most recent Florida shooting being the 17th in US modern history.

Our thoughts and wishes are with the families of all the victims of the tragedy. (Source: Facebook)

Our thoughts and prayers are with Wang’s and other victim’s families.


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