Student Thought to Have Committed Suicide Was Actually Murdered
A Pakistani Hindu medical student, Namrita Chandani, who was thought to have committed suicide was actually found to have been murdered.

Namrita Chandani, a Hindu medical student in Pakistan, has been found to be murdered after claims that she committed suicide.

Student Suicide Murdered
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The student from the province of Sindh was found in her hostel SMBBMU Larkana on Tuesday, September 16. She was a student of Bachelors of Dental Sciences at the SMBBMU’s Bibi Aseefa Dental College.

Initially, police claimed she had committed suicide. She was found with a piece of cloth tied around her neck with her room locked from the inside. However, her family insisted that she was murdered.

Her brother Vishal Sundar said, “It was not a suicide, suicide marks are different, I found cable marks around her neck. There are marks on her hand too. The marks are of cable but her friend had said that she found her with [scarf] around her neck.”


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He also said he had talked to her 2 days before. She had not expressed any mental pressures. He said, “She was hopeful that she would secure a position among the top 10 students.”

Student Suicide Murdered
(Image source: Twitter)

Her friends initially got worried when she did not respond after they knocked on her door. Her friend told the police, “She was neither responding to the knocking at the door nor to our shouts.”

The postmortem conductor, Dr Amrita of Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana, has reserved her opinion on Namrita’s death until additional histopathology, chemical and radiology reports are available.

The Sindhi Foundation says that 1000 Sindhi Hindu girls between 12 and 28 years of age are abducted, converted or forcefully married every year in Pakistan. The country’s human rights commission has 7430 recorded cases of abductions of Sindhi Hindu girls from 2004 and 2018.

Students of SMBBMU Larkana took out a rally and protested Chandani’s death. They stood up for their fellow student and said it should be known that she did not commit suicide, she was murdered. Students also demanded judicial inquiry against the students as well as the college staff that might have assisted in the death.

Two students have been detained in the investigations.


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