The Niagara Falls Freezes as Weather Becomes Coldest it has Ever been.
The United States is suffering from extreme weather conditions this winter. The Niagara falls froze due to weather conditions falling to -34 degrees.

The Niagara Falls looks no less than a magical land of Narnia, especially now when the waterfall has completely frozen due to extreme weather conditions in the northern United States.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara falls has frozen due to the intense weather conditions. (Source: Loucannabis502’s Instagram)

The Northeast’s highest peak, Mount Washington is now at a -34 degrees while the wind chill is around -89 degrees.

Niagara Falls

Mist surrounding the Niagara Falls. (Source: Yitianlyu’s Instagram)

220 million people residing in the northern region are in these intense temperatures. Videos have emerged of boiling water being thrown into the air and turning into snow instantly.

Niagara Falls

The temperature has dropped to -34 Degrees. (Source: Rsk1203’s Instagram)

The view is absolutely breathtaking with frozen icicles hanging and a carpet of snow all over. While the scenic beauty is cherished, the weather has caused a lot of deaths and casualties.


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Niagara Falls

The waterfall looks beautiful covered in snow. (Source: gqjibran’s Instagram)

The icy roads in Michigan caused more than 30 crashes on Friday on the highways near Flint. There was even a crash involving 40 vehicles which left three people severely injured.

Niagara Falls

A lot of people in the United States have died due to the extreme cold. (Source: Loucannabis502’s Instagram)

Cincinnati police also reported that several vehicles were stolen because people left them running in an attempt to keep themselves warm. The Cincinnati law enforcement authority took to Twitter to warn citizens not to leave their cars unattended because ‘the only person who will be warm is the thief who stole your car.’

Niagara Falls

The Waterfall is reminding people of the land of Narnia. (Source: Rsk1203’s Instagram)

Statistics suggest that in Erie, Pennsylvania, more than 65 inches of snow fell within a short span of only four days due to a storm.

Niagara Falls

The trees are covered entirely in snow. (Source: Yitianlyu’s Instagram)

A meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Cleveland, Zach Sefcovic, stated:

“This is a crippling event. They are no strangers to snow in that part of the state, but this much snow in that short a time is just unprecedented.”

Niagara Falls

Tourists have gathered near the falls to enjoy the view. (Source: Rsk1203’s Instagram)

Furthermore, weather experts told that the storm in Erie was caused by cold Arctic air surrounding the lake.

Niagara Falls

According to reports, even sharks have died due to the freezing temperatures. (Source: Rsk1203’s Instagram)

Among the people who died from exposure to the extreme climate, was an 83-year-old woman from South Dakota. The poor lady crashed her vehicle so she got out of the car to get some assistance. Later, her body was found in a ditch on Sunday.

Niagara Falls

The wind chill near the Niagara Falls is -89 degrees. (Source: Rsk1203’s Instagram)

Likewise, three more dead bodies were discovered in Lake Erie. Upon investigation, it was revealed that their cars slid off the icy streets.

Niagara Falls

Snow on the tree branches looks extremely beautiful. (Source: Rsk1203’s Instagram)

Minnesota is known to be one of the coldest places in the United States. The National Weather Service informed that the temperature had reached a shocking number of -37 degrees this winter. The city broke its record of the coldest temperature, which was -32 degrees in 1924.

Niagara Falls

A lot of people have died in road accidents because of the icy roads. (Source: Juanperez123’s Instagram)



Weather reporters and forecasters are warning the population regarding hypothermia and frostbites due to the arctic winds settling in the central United States regions.

Niagara Falls

The weather conditions have ruined New Year’s plans for people. (Source: berta47’s Instagram)

It’s not just humans who are suffering from the cold weather. According to reports, sharks have also died due to the severe weather conditions. Two Thresher sharks were found dead on the Massachusett’s Cape Cod Bay, succumbing to cold shocks.

Niagara Falls

The Statue in the Niagara Falls State Park is covered in snow. (Source: berta47’s Instagram)

These temperatures have also affected New Year’s plans for many people living in the United States of America. Firework displays have been canceled in New Jersey and Omaha.

Niagara Falls

The binoculars at the Niagara Falls are totally covered in snow. (Source: Joecapite’s Instagram)

The weather is said to be much worse in coming days. So stay safe people!


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