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Michael Jackson's maid reveals he 'staged' sex with Lisa Marie Presley
Michael Jackson's former maid reveals he 'staged' sex with Lisa Marie Presley. She further commented on allegations that their marriage was a sham.

Michael Jackson’s former maid reveals he ‘staged’ sex with Lisa Marie Presley. She further commented on allegations that their marriage was a sham.

Aaron Carter is shading Michael Jackson
(Image source: Instagram/ Michael Jackson)

The ‘King of Pop’ has been accused of sexually abusing little boys in the documentary Leaving Neverland.

Michael Jackson’s maid Adrian McManus came forward with information as well. She told The Sun details about Jackson’s marriage with Lisa Presley. The two were married from 1994 till 1996.

Michael Jackson's maid
(Image Source: Instagram/ missunderstoodradio)

However, according to McManus, the couple used to ‘stage’ their bedroom to make it look like they had an intimate relationship. She revealed, “When they were dating I walked into his bedroom and his comforter smelled of women’s fragrance.”


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“This was not normal,” she continued. “When I began cleaning I saw a white sexy lacy little bra abandoned under the bed. There was two broken glasses next to it. I had to clean them up and felt it was Michael playing games with me.”

michael and lisa

(Image Source: Instagram/ lischael_new)

“Set up”

Adrian added, “It all seemed so set up, because that had never happened before. Sure there were his underpants, shirts and trousers discarded, but nothing belonging to women ever were there.”

“I thought that he was trying to make me think that something was going on between him and her. I knew they were dating, but he was trying to make me believe they were sexually close. But I always had my doubts,” she continued further.

michael and lisa
(Image Source: Instagram/ lovers.rs)

Michael Jackon’s maid also revealed that the couple did not sleep together at night and had different bedrooms. Saying, “Never once did I walk into Michael’s bedroom and see them in bed or hanging out.”

“On the few times she did stay in the main house, she would stay in The Rose Room,” McManus explained. “That room was way in the front of the mansion overlooking the flowers,  while Michael’s quarters were at the downstairs of the rear of the mansion.”

jackson's family
(Image Source: Instagram/ smooth.criminall)

Adding, “They could not be further apart. I can’t even recall Michael ever going to The Rose Room.”

Personal relationship

While talking about their usual behavior around the house she said, “It was normal for them to walk around the estate holding hands and chatting. They did this often in front of the staff.”

Further revealing, “At one time they were filmed and photographed doing these lovey dovey romantic scenes. It all looked a little staged to me. I never saw them kiss though. That normal show of affection between lovers was absent,” she also revealed.”

Aaron Carter is shading Michael Jackson
(Image source: Instagram/ Michael Jackson)

“When she left the estate Michael would never talk to anyone about her or being with her,” she said. 

“Child companions”

She also opened up about Jackson’s relationship with little boys. “I can remember distinct days when she would leave and then a couple of hours later his child companions would arrive – and his focus was totally them.”

There have been a lot of speculations about Presley and Jackson’s marriage being a sham. Their former maid said, “I can easily see why this marriage could have been a publicity stunt.”

(Image Source: Instagram/ lischael_new)

“You cannot overlook where Michael’s career was at that time. He had just settled out of court with Jordie Chandler about child sex abuse, and his image was in trouble,” she added. “So to have a high profile wife, one of the world’s most desired women, came at a great time to silence the doubters. Don’t forget this was Hollywood.”

lisa presley
(Image Source: Instagram/ Lisa M Presley)

Lisa Marie has revealed that she is writing an explosive book about her life with Jackson.


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