Late Night Show Hosts Slam Donald Trump for his Puerto Rico Trip
Late-night hosts on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump's unemotional trip to Puerto Rico to overview the harm caused by Hurricane Maria.

Late-night hosts on Tuesday tended to Donald Trump’s trip to Puerto Rico to overview the harm caused by Hurricane Maria, and additionally calls from Fox News hosts not to “politicize” the lethal shooting in Las Vegas.

“Thirteen days after Hurricane Maria, yet another catastrophe struck Puerto Rico,” Stephen Colbert started. “Donald Trump went to the island. Be that as it may, before the president left for San Juan, he gave this target of his organization’s disaster relief effort.”

Donald Trump

Late Show host, Stephen Colbert. (Source: Getty Images)

Colbert, demonstrating footage of the president evaluating his organization’s execution in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico an “A+”, reacted: “You know you can’t give yourself an A+. That’s not how grades work.”

“Trump tended to the demolition this tropical storm caused to him,” Colbert kept, demonstrating Trump, talking before the press in Puerto Rico, saying that the harm caused by Maria has “thrown our budget out of whack”.


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Colbert said: “The budget is out of whack? That’s like a fireman rescuing you from a burning building and saying, ‘You understand what our water bill is going to be, right?’

“Obviously, Trump didn’t simply go to Puerto Rico to talk, he likewise passed out truly necessary supplies in the Trumpiest way that could be existing.”

The host demonstrated through video clippings on how the president unemotionally hurling paper towel moves to a horde of Puerto Ricans anticipating catastrophe help.

“After that he went to a hospital and gave off antibiotics with a T-shirt cannon.”

He at that point talked straightforwardly to Trump: “You don’t owe the Republicans anything. You know the Republicans endeavored to prevent you from being President; well screw them. You need to make America great again, accomplish something the last two presidents have been not able do: pass any sort of judicious firearm control enactment that most by far of Americans need.”

Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Source:@jimmykimmel)

Jimmy Kimmel likewise examined Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico. “The President was in Puerto Rico today to review the harm caused by Hurricane Maria,” Kimmel started. “He likes to bring Melania to these kind of things in case he encounters situations that require showing concern for other human beings. That becomes her job.”

He proceeded with: “Trump has said some not really decent things about Puerto Rico over the previous week, including a tweet where he said Puerto Ricans ‘want everything to be done for them’. Says the person who’s never picked up his luggage on his own. Be that as it may, at a news meeting toward the beginning of today, he amused the individuals who still don’t have control on 95% of their island with cleverness like this.”

Kimmel at that point demonstrated the now-notorious clip of Trump asserting help endeavors for Puerto Rico have disturbed the government spending plan.

“Next time you allow a storm to ravage your island, think about the cost,” Kimmel joked. “He really puts the a*s in compassion, doesn’t he?”

“The President didn’t simply contribute to help with his words, he additionally took some time at a relief center, where this really happened,” Kimmel kept, indicating Trump tossing paper towels as though shooting a b-ball. “What’s happening with him? Who does that? What planet is this man from?”

Kimmel went on: “Trump likewise had an awkward meeting with the leader of San Juan who he condemned by means of tweet. While the president has been extremely incredulous of some in Puerto Rico, there’s one individual he had exceptionally pleasant things to say in regards to.”

Late Night Show hosts have slammed Donald Trump for his unapologetic behavior. (Source: Getty Images)

The host at that point appeared, similar to Colbert, video of Trump asserting he’d gotten “great marks”, done a “great job”, and made “tremendous strides” on his activities in Puerto Rico.

“It’s astounding how he’s ready to recover those little hands around his to pat it,” Kimmel finished up.


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