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Las Vegas mass shooting survivors, Brandon Helmick and Mykenzie Lane have found their happy ending

by Amna Amir

Las Vegas shooting survivors, Brandon Helmick and Mykenzie Lane took their relationship to the next level after living through the biggest tragedy of life. 22-year-old boyfriend proposed to Lane on 20th April at Laguna Beach, California. 

Brandon Helmick proposed Mykenzie Lana at the Laguna beach and she said ‘Yes!’ (Image Source: Facebook)

The duo doesn’t remember how they met but they have known each other since the age of 12 from Tustin, California. They went on their first date to watch the horror thriller Insidious in 2011 and on August 3, 2015, they were officially a couple.

Lane revealed that she had always known that she wanted to end up with him. She said, “Honestly, I’ve known he’d always have a special place in my heart. So, I think some part of me always knew I’d want to end up with him.”

Lane was struck by a bullet which left her unable to walk. (Image source: Facebook)

In the history of Las Vegas,  October 1, 2017 was a mournful day as a mass shooting began at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. While the gunman, Stephen Paddock, killed 58 people and injured many others, Brandon used his body to shield the love of his life from the gunshots and the two were able to escape.

They took shelter under a large storage unit, where she was shot in the ankle and couldn’t walk but her boyfriend didn’t just leave her there, instead he scooped her up and carried her all the way to the ambulance.

They have been dating since 2015. (Image Source: Facebook)

The couple shared that the tragic incident has strengthened their bond and shaped their lives in ways they can’t explain. The bride-to-be said, “Endless amounts of blessings to be thankful for every day because we’re still here. The incident has impacted our lives in more ways than one.”

Brandon, 21, proved himself to be the knight in shining armour by saving Lane’s life and asking her hand for marriage. The duo shared a very intense, sentimental bond that is hard to find. Lane further added, “I’m always grateful for him. But for him to put his life on the line like that is something I can never explain.”

Mykenzie and Brandon went to watch Insidious on their first date. (Image Source: Facebook)

The groom-to-be claimed that he was more than excited to propose to her and he had always wanted to have a future with her. He said, “I’ve wanted this from the beginning and this is everything I want for the future, I love you with all of my heart.”

Meanwhile, Lane disclosed that she was too busy crying when he proposed her. She stated, “I said yes!I don’t know what he said to me in the moment, I was too busy crying. But I know it was sweet.”

Brandon reveals that he had always wanted to marry her. (Image Source: Facebook)

The Orange County residents have fixed a date for the wedding and they will tie the knot on August 3, 2018 in Fullerton, California.

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