iPhone Found At The Bottom of The River After A Year And It Still Works!
The YouTuber is known for diving into rivers and trying to find lost treasures. Reuniting Erica with her lost iPhone made her day!

YouTube diver Michael Bennett, known for his channel “Nugget Noggin” found the lost iPhone in South Carolina.

lost iphone
(Image Source: Instagram/ Nugget Noggin)

The iPhone was lost almost 15 months ago. However, after Bennett fished it out the river the phone was still working.

The YouTuber told local news channel WDAM7, “I came across something that looked kind of like a rope attached to car keys, and when I pulled it up, I saw a phone inside of a water proof case.”

(Image Source: Facebook/ Erica Bennett)

Adding further, “I put the SIM card inside a different phone, and I was able to get the contact information of the owner.”


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The lost phone belonged to Erica Bennett. Michael conacted her after the phone started working. Erica lost the phone during a family trip at the river and it contained messages from her late father.

Erica told ABC13, “It was kind of emotional because the last thing I have from him is saying, ‘Hey, I’m playing phone tag with you, so I figured I just text you. How are you feeling?’ And I think he had called me after that. I’m pretty sure it was Father’s Day.”

erica bennett
(Image Source: Facebook/ Erica Bennett)

Erica also posted the story on her Facebook. She wrote, “So this just happened. On June 19, 2018 after a river float with Edisto River Adventures, I dropped my phone in the river. I was incredibly emotional and devastated over it for a number of reasons. In fact, I was just telling someone the story just the other day.”

She added, “Last night I get a call from YouTuber and diver, Nugget Noggin saying he had found my phone and wanted to return it.
I just sat here and cried reading the only texts I still have from my dad. The photos from that day were pretty incredible too.”

Watch Michael Bennett’s video below:


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