Kasur Rape Case: 7-Year-Old Girl Abducted, Raped and Dumped in Trash
Zainab, 7, was abducted from Kasur 5 days ago, and found in the trash yesterday, raped and murdered. This is reportedly the twelfth rape and murder case from Kasur; police fails to find leads yet again.

Kasur, Pakistan: Another minor found raped and dumped in the trash. #JusticeForZainab trends as outrage sparks over the brutal Kasur rape case and murder of 7-year-old Zainab, who went missing several days ago. 

Kasur rape case

7-year-old Zainab. (Source: Twitter)

People comment on parental responsibility. (Source: Twitter)

Regardless of the protests and outrage over similar cases, more minors are being found raped and murdered in several cities. Prior to a passerby finding her body, the police searched for Zainab for five days, after she was believed to be abducted while she was headed towards her Quran class.

The 7-year-old daughter of Muhammad Ameen Ansari was first kidnapped then raped and murdered, after which she was tossed in piles of trash. After her body was shifted to DHQ Hospital Kasur for autopsy, it was found out that she was raped and strangled. Outrage and panic has been spreading ever since photos of the little girl surfaced on the social media but the police have failed to receive any leads to the culprits.

kasur rape case

Zainab’s body dumped in the trash. (Source: Twitter)

This time round, this case around, people from everywhere have voiced their concern, including politicians, celebrities, sports stars and news channels. A large number of women have joined in on the protests and an equally large number of lawyers have warned that the legal fraternity will not stay silent regarding the failure of the investigation.


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Family and community took it to the streets to voice their rage, protesting and striking against the Kasur rape case, which forced markets to shut down in Kasur. Despite CCTV footage of a man walking off with Zainab having been found, police efforts towards finding the culprits have been futile. However, it was stated by Zulfiqar Ahmed, District Police Officer of Kasur, that an investigation is being held out.

kasur rape case

Image captured via CCTV footage. (Source: Twitter)

Punjab Chief Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, is facing intense backlash, as is the Punjab Inspector General of Police, for their hopeless search for the culprits. Considering that this is the twelfth Kasur rape case, according to Express News, the outrage is rather justified.

Not only are the number of cases increasing, but a shocking discovery has revealed that the DNA found on each victim is from one person only!

kasur rape case

Mahira Khan tweets in response to the tragic event. (Source: Twitter)

@DaPakiGuy Tweeted: You can’t rape somebody by accident. It takes intention. When you ruining someone’s entire life then you don’t have the right to live either. For me rape is worse than murder and rapist should be given death penalty. #JusticeForZainab

kasur rape case

Hamza Ali Abbasi is at a loss for words. (Source: Twitter)

@situationsarah has Tweeted an image containing the phone numbers of politicians, saying, “If you want #JusticeForZainab pick up your phones and call the following USELESS POLITICIANS and tell them what you think. You’re welcome.”

kasur rape case

Twitter user shares phone numbers of local politicians. (Source: Twitter)

Dr. Umar Saif (@umarsaif) has also raised his voice against the case: “We will do everything in our power to bring the animals to justice who committed this heinous crime. #JusticeForZainab”

The sketch of the culprit, made with the help of the CCTV footage, has also been made public.

kasur rape case

The sketch of the culprit. (Source: Twitter)

Since the news became public, several influential figures have condemned it, calling on the government to take strict action.

kasur rape case

Imran Khan condemns the event. (Source: Twitter)

kasur rape case

Ansar Abbasi insists on conviction. (Source: Twitter)

kasur rape case

Najam Sethi criticizes the CM. (Source: Twitter)

kasur rape case

Maryam Nawaz Sharif comments on the culprits. (Source: Twitter)

kasur rape case

Sharmeen Obaid analyses the society regarding the event. (Source: Twitter)

kasur rape case

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari comments on the horrific crime. (Source: Twitter)

kasur rape case

Blogger criticizes the response of the police force. (Source: Twitter)

Between 2006 and 2014, hundreds of child pornography videos were also found, targeting around 300 children. Influential people covered up for the culprits of the videos which were being sold to porn sites. These aforementioned cases are also from Kasur.

Lastly, the police and their investigation on the Kasur rape case have been nothing but a disappointment; even after receiving clear footage of the culprits, their failure in this investigation is even more disheartening considering these cases are of minors. Let us hope that justice comes to Zainab – the kind of justice that makes these men quiver with fear.

Our condolences are with Zainab’s family, a child who would have continued studying and playing with her toys. It is indeed outrageous that such monsters reside amongst us and walk among us daily. These men, without remorse, victimize minors and women.


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